UAM 2024 Call: Important Dates for the Second Round of the Online Exam

UAM 2024 Call: Important Dates for the Second Round of the Online Exam
UAM 2024 Call: Important Dates for the Second Round of the Online Exam

He second selection process of 2024 from the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) is approaching. If you want to enter a bachelor’s degree in the fall term of 2024 at this school, here are the options important dates that you should take into account to make your entrance examination.

It should be noted that once the applicants complete their record for the Second round of selection of the UAM 2024they must pay the fee for the exam. Otherwise, they could lose their opportunity to take it. It is important to take into account that the fee for this payment varies, depending on whether you are a Mexican or foreign citizen.

Those who are selected must also pay a registration fee. In a previous note we informed you how much the UAM exam costs.

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Important dates of the second UAM selection process

The UAM reported, through its official portal, the important dates to take into account and present the exam of selection online to one of the bachelor’s degree options offered in this second selection process of 2024.

The call of the second turn to perform the exam of income of the UAM It comes out next Saturday, July 13th. 2024. It will be announced through the website and through the institution’s official social networks.

Once the call has been published, it is important that you read it carefully and take these into account dates To continue with your registration:

  • Application period: July 20 to August 4
  • Online mock exam: August 19-21
  • Online selection exam: August 26-30
  • Results: September 14
  • Supplementary list: October 5
  • Start of classes Fall 2024 Quarter: October 21

Remember that the exam The online test is carried out with the aim of familiarizing yourself with the application process of the selection contest, so that on the day of the exam of selection you can check your equipment, connection and resolve any problems in advance.

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