Lack of lighting and poor condition of pedestrian bridge

Lack of lighting and poor condition of pedestrian bridge
Lack of lighting and poor condition of pedestrian bridge

The recent Delivery of infrastructure works on the Juanchito bridge has generated significant relief in mobility in the sector.

Although, they are notorious the benefits that come with the completed works After 9 years, allowing traffic in both directions of the road, the situation for pedestrians remains worrying due to the poor condition of the pedestrian bridge.

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This is why the 90 Minutes Newscast was present at the Juanchito bridge and corroborated this problem together with the community.

First of all, it should be mentioned that these improvements impact positively to the nearly 50,000 vehicles that pass through this sector daily.

That is to say, for many drivers, the work has done its job. aim to reduce waiting times and improve the traffic flow.

“As far as it is concerned, there has been a lot of improvement in terms of mobility, but there is a lack of lighting in the area because this sector is very unsafe.”

A local motorcyclist said.

What is the problem at the Juanchito Bridge?

For this reason, the other side of the coin is the situation of the pedestrian bridge, which is located in total abandonment.

However, pedestrians They prefer to risk their lives by crossing the road rather than using the bridge.

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Because lacks railings and lightingwhich makes it a focus of insecurity.

Thus, a situation extremely difficult for older people and those with disabilities.

In addition, one of the pedestrians indicated that:

“Elderly people are the most affected. Traffic here when they come at full speed is dangerous, especially for those who have trouble crossing to the other side,”

Also, also There is the case of Rosa Elenaa resident of the area, who suffers from leg problems.

“We are trying to get a traffic light installed. Thanks to the traffic officers who are there all day and help us get through, because one of us is already very old and I can’t cross quickly.”

Rosa Elena, resident of the area.

The Juanchito community demands solutions

During two hours of observation, the 90 Minutes team He barely saw a pedestrian using the bridge pedestrian.

It should be noted that this structure Not only does it lack railings, but also represents a security risk. On the other hand, an older adult mentioned:

“There are still no traffic lights to cross and I have a bad knee. I have always used the bridge, even if it is in bad condition, because I don’t risk crossing the road for vehicles.”

It is for all the above that the community of Juanchito makes an urgent call to the authorities to solve this problem, which affects hundreds of people who need it every day. cross from one side of the road to the other.

It is important that security measures, such as installing traffic lights and repairing the pedestrian bridge, be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents in the area.

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