A family that combines a passion for news and the world of olives

A family that combines a passion for news and the world of olives
A family that combines a passion for news and the world of olives

Regional foods often bring with them a landscape and a story to tell. Or many. All over the world. From the sun-drenched fields of the Mediterranean to the rugged valleys of La Rioja; from the irrigation ditches of Mendoza to the suburban surroundings of Lanús; from Bolívar, in the centre of the province of Buenos Aires, to the frenzy of La Rural de Palermo. Yes, although it may seem incredible, All these journeys come together in a bottle of olive oil. Why?

The story begins 8 years ago. Marcelo Dell’Isola and Paula Garciaa married couple of journalists who work in important media outlets in Buenos Aires, meet with a friend who received compensation and wants to start a business, but still doesn’t know what direction to take. From the conversation and without a very clear motive, the idea of ​​selling olive oil arises. “My husband is a cameraman for Telefé and I am a journalist for TN and 13. Our life has always been tied to the news, but We are restless and we wanted to do something with the olive. Don’t ask me why, we never had a very close relationship with this product. I am originally from Bolívar (center of the province of Buenos Aires) and Marcelo is from Lanús, I think. We had never seen an olive tree before”Paula admits.

Thus, was that They were seized by an uncontrollable enthusiasmThey traveled to Mendoza and delved into the world of this legendary food. “My friend didn’t get hooked, but we were passionate about it. We started little by little, with the savings we had..At first we bottled at home and went to city fairs to sell on weekends, after working from Monday to Friday in our journalistic jobs,” he recalls.

Over time, they began to learn the secrets of the olive and became experts. The close relationship with their suppliers and consumers revealed to them what oil they wanted and they began to design their own products.based on a complex combination of varietals. Arbequina, Farga, Manzanilla and a touch of Frantoio are some of the varieties originating from the iconic European sea that are included in its oils. To these we must add Arauco, a Creole variety born in La Rioja, which was traditionally used for table olives, but which in oils has exceptional characteristics, of great freshness and intense fruitiness.

This is how it came the time to take the leapBut they were missing a large stained glass window to make their green gold shine. “Caminos y Sabores meant for us a kind of explosion because we grew a lot in relation to the scale we were managing,” Paula remarks. And she testifies that The fair allowed them to reach more than a thousand businesses distributed throughout all the provinces of the country..

Every year in July, TN journalist Paula García “comes off screen” and connects with the Caminos y Sabores audience “live and direct.”

The extra virgin oils from Famiglia Dell’Isola express themselves in every sense. “There are more and less intense versions, a medium organic blend and an irresistible single-varietal Arauco. All of them with the highest quality,” Paula points out. These attributes led them to win the award twice. Taste Experiencea contest by Caminos y Sabores that recognizes the best in the categories: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blonde Beer, Honey, Family Dulce de Leche, Semi-hard Cow’s Cheese, Coarsely Chopped Salami, Malbec Red Wine and Yerba Mate with a Stick.

After eight years of entrepreneurial adventure, Paula and Marcelo are looking for more. “In principle, we see that we have many possibilities to grow in Argentina, not only in the main cities of the country, but also in smaller ones,” says Paula, adding that “Although there are proposals for export, we feel that we have many more possibilities to grow here.”

The couple believes that Caminos y Sabores represents a great opportunity to launch new products“Two years ago we launched our spreadable olive pastes with a lot of force. This year we are introducing a smoked garlic paste, another spinach paste, garlic with fine herbs, chopped garlic in its natural state and ketchup. We are also continuing with our vinegars and we have managed to have our organic extra virgin olive oil and gluten-free pastes,” they point out.

Olive oil will remain the company’s flagship, but Paula points out that They are moving towards a strategy to diversify their gourmet product portfolio“We supply different products in small quantities. This way, you don’t have to buy a box of oil, but three small bottles; the same goes for balsamic vinegar, honey and spreads,” he says.

And as one venture calls for another, in parallel to the brand of regional oils and foods, They set up a wholesale distributor of gourmet productswhich was born with the idea of ​​bringing food from small producers to small merchants.

Caminos y Sabores has become a crucial space for the distributor. Because in addition to bringing its products closer to the final consumer, one of the main objectives that attracts exhibitors at the fair is to be able to make commercial agreements that allow them to expand their sales channels. The business roundtables, coordinated by Soy Pyme, are the specific space. There, dozens of entrepreneurs have the opportunity to show their products to representatives of the retail chain of different scales.

“Paths and Flavors is a large market that connects us, whether to buy or sell. We find products that are not seen elsewhere and we create networks with producers “We are a small group of producers in the country who, if it weren’t for this space, would have a hard time showing what they do with so much effort. That’s why I love being at the fair, walking around, talking to the producers and learning about what they do and their stories,” he says.

Each member of the family has their own life plans, but when Caminos y Sabores arrives, everyone forms a great team and the young Dell’ Isola team brings their friends together to work with pleasure.

Looking back at Paula and Marcelo —two journalists accustomed to working with reality— They find it hard to believe everything they have built as a familyin just a handful of years. “When we started, it was all of us: my children, my in-laws, us; we would label and take them to the neighborhood fair. Today, although my children have their own life plans, when Caminos y Sabores arrives, we get together and continue to maintain that spirit that unites us. Famiglia Dell’Isola is that: pure family,” he concludes.

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