What can replace plastic bags for garbage or shopping?

What can replace plastic bags for garbage or shopping?
What can replace plastic bags for garbage or shopping?

The ban on single-use plastics In Colombia it is already a reality, since this standard began to govern at a national level since Sunday, July 7th.

This measure, which makes for the Law 2232 of 2022 The goal is to reduce pollution by gradually implementing restrictive measures until 2030, putting a red light on a total of 21 products.

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Although the norm has an intention to reduce pollution levels in the country, it has given much to talk about, even, since before it was sanctioned as a Law of the Republic, two years ago.

Plastic bags


And while environmental groups have expressed their support for this regulation, Trade unions and small businesses that are highly dependent on the manufacture of these types of products have not hidden their concern and skepticism..

As explained by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentThis standard would make an important contribution to sustainability initiatives promoted by the public sector and movements in favour of environmental protection, among others.

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With this law, we hope that by 2030, all plastics produced in Colombia will be reusable or recyclable. I invite everyone to consider alternatives to single-use plastic from the circular economy or to stop using those items that today seem indispensable.“, he explained to Minister Susana Muhammad.

Plastic bags


The law also warns that companies that do not comply with this regulation to the letter They may face sanctions ranging from fines of up to 100 to 50,000 times the current legal monthly minimum wage.in addition to the confiscation of plastic products and the temporary or permanent closure of their establishments.

We hope that this transition to the circular economy model will be clearly visible at COP16, as it is part of the biodiversity convention to address the microplastic pollution crisis and the global treaty on single-use plastics, which is being negotiated to eliminate non-essential plastics.“, added the head of the portfolio, quoted by ‘La FM.

The bags that can be used

In light of the ban on single-use plastics in the country, one of the doubts that have arisen regarding this regulation has to do with the use of bagsa fairly common product in everyday commerce and in domestic use.

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Being a product of mass use, several alternatives have been created made of different materials and various durabilities and which are recognized in this standard as exceptions.

Plastic bags

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Daniel Mitchell, president of the Colombian Association of Plastic Industries (Acoplásticos)in statements to Portafolio, revealed which types of bags can continue to be used with the entry into force of the standard.

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As for this type of products, garbage bags and pet waste bags can be used.

The law proposes exceptions for sustainable alternatives: products that are made of biodegradable or compostable plastic, that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and products that are reusable. Reusable bags, sacks and bags, which are typically made of woven polypropylene plastic, are also not prohibited.“, he mentioned to this newspaper.


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