Toni Kroos, who says he now prefers to live in Spain

Toni Kroos, who says he now prefers to live in Spain
Toni Kroos, who says he now prefers to live in Spain

Toni Kroos has just retired from football after the German national team lost 2-1 to the Spanish national team, in the last minute of extra time, when the Spaniard Mikel Merino scored the qualifying goal that gave them a pass to the semi-finals, leaving the midfielder with the desire to win one last title with the German team.

In a talk he gave to the podcast ‘Lanz and Precht’ spoke about some aspects of his life, both personal and football-related. There he left a phrase that has not gone down very well with the Germans.

It is always difficult for me as a footballer to complain that I don’t have enough time.. A normal worker leaves home much earlier in the morning and returns much later in the evening,” Kroos said.

The midfielder, who won the Champions League with Real Madrid, admitted that during his career he was affected by not being able to be with his children on weekends because he had to play in Spanish league matches.

“EThat’s what has worried me for many years” said Toni Kroos.

When the German informed the club that he would not renew his contract, many speculated that he was going to go play in the Saudi Arabian league after his time at Real Madrid, to which the player said that it never crossed his mind because he had already earned enough money in the clubs he was at.

If I can’t handle what I won at Bayern and Madrid, I probably can’t handle the future either.“, said the former footballer.

Kroos played 114 international matches for Germany before hanging up his boots and, in the interview he gave to ‘Lanz y Precht’, he said that he is interested in staying and living in Spain, because his country is no longer what it used to be.

Germany is no longer a country like it was 10 years ago when we left“said the world champion.

In the interview he was asked the following: “Would you let your daughter go out at 11 o’clock at night in Spain when she is 14 years old or in the big German city?” To which he replied: “Right now I would lean more towards Spain”.

These words have not gone down well in his country and some of his followers have criticised his stance. The former footballer believes that many things have been too “out of control” in his country and, for that reason, he prefers to stay and live in Spain.

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