If your password is listed, the scam has begun

If your password is listed, the scam has begun
If your password is listed, the scam has begun

Cybersecurity experts from Cybernews A new data breach has been detected that contains almost 2 billion more entries than the previous one and includes both old and recent passwords. The new packet of leaked data has been made available online, potentially facilitating massive credential stuffing attacks by cybercriminals.

Credential stuffing attacks involve the use of lists with usernames or email addresses. email along with passwords obtained from previous leaks. This practice allows cybercriminals to automate simultaneous unauthorized access to a large number of accounts, significantly increasing the risk of compromising user security.

To mitigate the risks arising from this massive password leak, it is crucial for users to verify the security of their login credentials. Cybernews has developed a specific tool that allows you to check if a password has been compromised by cybercriminals. If any is found to be compromised, it is recommended to avoid using weak passwords and consider using password managers that automatically generate strong passwords. Tools such as Bitwarden, freely available on all major platforms, can be an effective solution. Additionally, it is advised to enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible, as it provides an additional layer of security that makes unauthorized access difficult even if cybercriminals obtain the credentials.

With the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, maintaining robust security practices is critical to protecting the integrity of personal and business online accounts.

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