Donald Trump’s election manifesto excludes a national ban on abortion

Donald Trump’s election manifesto excludes a national ban on abortion
Donald Trump’s election manifesto excludes a national ban on abortion

The Republican National Committee (RCC), the highest body of the Republican Party, approved on Monday a draft of the electoral platform that assumes the position of candidate Donald Trump and abandons the ban on abortion at the federal level, in an attempt to win over moderate and undecided voters, but which could also cost him more votes.

This is the first time in four decades that the CNR has not included abortion restrictions at the federal level. “States are free to legislate to protect the rights to life and liberty,” the organization said, aligning itself with Trump’s position, according to the news portal Axios.

The 20-point plan, endorsed by the Republican National Committee days before Trump was officially nominated as its candidate, includes the largest deportation of migrants in history and the construction of a large anti-missile shield in the United States, but does not propose a veto on abortion.

In addition, in an expanded 16-page document outlining the roadmap for a future conservative government, the Republicans merely say that they will oppose “late-term abortions” and support access to contraceptives and fertility treatments.

The party’s document says the Constitution provides that each of the country’s 50 states is free to adopt whatever legislation it deems necessary to protect the right to “life,” reinforcing Trump’s view that abortion should not be regulated at the federal level.

The tycoon fears that his very radical stance against abortion will cost him in the November 5 elections against his rival, Democratic President Joe Biden.

The Republican has so far ignored the party’s most extremist voices calling for a national ban on abortion and has publicly maintained that each state should be able to legislate on this issue.

Trump, in fact, takes credit for the Supreme Court, with three conservative justices nominated by him, striking down federal abortion rights in 2022 and leaving it up to the states to ban them.

Biden’s re-election campaign frequently uses the issue of women’s reproductive rights to attack Trump, who progressives accuse of having a secret plan to ban abortion nationwide.

Since the Supreme Court eliminated the protection that had existed since 1973, dozens of states have enacted restrictive legislation: in 14, abortion is impossible or the limit is six weeks, when many women do not know they are pregnant, and in another seven, restrictions have been put in place and deadlines have been shortened.

In most of the 21 states, there are no exceptions for rape or incest and abortions are only possible when the mother’s life is in danger – a situation that terrifies doctors who perform abortions, who can face sentences of up to 99 years in prison.

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