Good ideas from seven real houses so that your loft is not a wasted space

Good ideas from seven real houses so that your loft is not a wasted space
Good ideas from seven real houses so that your loft is not a wasted space
  • July 9, 2024
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Summary of the note

  • Lofts are elements associated with classic chalets, used as storage spaces, which can be transformed into functional areas, such as a workspace.
  • It is important to recognize the loft space by removing everything that clutters it and observing the height, the available meters, the light it receives and the access that connects to this gained environment.
  • Lofts can become attractive and practical corners, such as meditation rooms, yoga rooms, offices, workplaces, play areas for children or teenagers, among others.

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It is rare to find a loft in a scratch-built house: It is an element that is associated with the most classic chalets with gabled roofs.where they were used as storage space that was not included in the lower floors. In many cases, it was just an illusion, because they usually ended up as a dusty “storage room”. For those who have one that is not being used, we put together a compiled from good ideas taken from houses we visited.

“Preserving its access staircase and bringing it more light, We turned the loft/storage room into my workspacea huge plus after having integrated the social space,” architect Sara Plazibat told us when we visited her in her Acassuso chaletwhich underwent a thorough renovation. Although it was in terrible condition, the location was excellent, he loved that it was only one floor and the loft seemed like a great possibility.

The ladder is placed against the wall when not in use, and does not obstruct the view from the dining room.Javier Picerno

Arch. Sara Plazibat

The loft as a refuge for inspiration and work is a practical reality and the realization of a fantasy of privacy.Javier Picerno

But hey, first things first: recognize the space. For that, you have to take out everything that clutters it up and observe the meters of those we have (including the height), the light it receives and the access that connects us with this promise of an earned environment, as Instagrammer Gabriela Di Pietrantonio (creator of @everythingisdato) did in her home in Martínez.

Gabriela looks out from one of the new windows that were opened in the roof. With the attractive renovation of her loft, she gained 45m2 for daily use.Courtesy of Gabriela Di Pietrantonio

Behind the wall where the photo is hanging, they made a closet where they now keep suitcases and other things.Courtesy of Gabriela Di Pietrantonio

In the loft that we see below these lines, the architects Guadalupe Sobral and Julia Dalotto, of Atelier Brüx helped its owner to make the corner where she took her drinks more attractive and practical. meditation and yoga classes.

In this section of furniture designed by the Studio, the bench can be pulled out or stored as a drawer. It is designed as a seat or as a computer support to follow a virtual class from the floor.Maia Croizet

Storage space of all kinds: drawers, open shelves and rod doors that hide the most fragile or least aesthetic items.Maia Crozet

Here we see the protections chosen for the stairs (one in metal and the other in wood). Great tip: in Gabriela Di Pietrantonio’s house, a rope is used to help you climb without having to strain yourself.Maia Croizet and Gabriela Di Pietrantonio

The need for a workspace led the owners of this PH in Vicente López to remove the water tanks, the old junk and the dust from the attic (until then inaccessible) and conquer it. Thus, they designed this beautiful office.

Custom-made furniture in white lacquered wood (Ordoñez-Wenzke).Magali Saberian

The architects Florencia Ordóñez and Nik Wenzke were in charge of the renovation that recovered an unused space and gained square meters.Magali Saberian

I didn’t want the loft to be a storage room.Why keep things that are no longer in use? I chose to prioritize it and it became a quiet and warm space. I liked it so much that it became my workplace.“,” photographer Paul Massey told us when we interviewed him about the renovation he carried out on his London home.

The most important work in this sector was the repair of the paneling of the ceiling, which was very deteriorated. The rest was cleaning and painting.Courtesy Paul Massey

If adults are attracted to lofts as a place of peace and tranquility, teenagers and children are even more attracted to them. “For them, going up to play is a great idea; It’s like your own little world“, the owner of this very colorful house told us.

The ceiling is painted light blue; the rest is white: pure light. Table and chairs (The Stock House).Magali Saberian

Architect Rodrigo Battaglia, one of the founders of the BA|SZ studio, discovered – just by looking at it – the potential of this loft overlooking the Río de La Plata, abandoned for decades in a building opposite the Palermo racetrack, designed by Adolfo Bullrich in 1940. He automatically felt that he could build his home there.

90cm Silestone ‘White Storm’ table (Marmolería San Marco).Daniel karp

Microwave over refrigerator; mirror to give a feeling of spaciousness; furniture designed to span the height of the space: successes that we love about this renovation.Daniel karp

In their home in Ferrara, Argentine Lorena Oviedo and her Italian husband They furnished the attic with big armchairs to watch TV and never came down again. Also, It is the place from where he works from home.

Behind this wallpapered screen, there are everything from suitcases and things that are not used every day, to the boiler and the solar panel machines.Lorena Oviedo

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