Trending nails for July: 5 nail art ideas to show off this summer 2024

Trending nails for July: 5 nail art ideas to show off this summer 2024
Trending nails for July: 5 nail art ideas to show off this summer 2024

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July arrived with summer in full swing and the manicure It is a fashion item that involves various trendy styles. The seventh month of 2024 He arrived loaded with Warm tones and lots of color. Take note of these 5 ideas to show off a nail art glamorous and cheerful.

How to wear trendy nails in July 2024?: 5 nail art ideas to look glamorous

Nails are filled with color, shine and nail art in July 2024There is no limit to creativity or styles. These are 5 looks from trend in manicure.

Las Trending nails for this summer 2024 They carry flowersThis spring and summer classic never goes out of style and is a cheerful addition to any outfit. Daisies, roses, sunflowers or orchids… Go for your favourite flowers!

Year after year it is renewed 3D trend in manicure. It is Summer 2024 comes from the craze for pieces related to the marine world. In this sense, nail art can be incorporated with shells, starfish, fish or fluorescent marine plants.

Since summer is the month of color par excellence in clothing, the same happens with manicures. Many influencers opt for rainbow nails. The color gradient can result in cheerful and optimistic looks.

Last July 7th was World Cocoa Day. What better way to honor it than with a nail art in tonality chocolate? Although this type of color is used in autumn and winter, the truth is that it combines with various formal looks in summer. Brown, beige, coffee or terracotta, among other color palettes, can be excellent ways to show off a elegant manicure at this time of year.

The sunset season began several months ago in the Northern Hemisphere. The Trendy nail designs inspired by warm tones They never fail. Their finish is elegant and refined. Orange, reddish, pink or yellow. Which of the sunset colours inspires you the most?

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