Rents in the province soar 12% in one year

Rents in the province soar 12% in one year
Rents in the province soar 12% in one year

The housing market is not giving up, especially when it comes to rent prices, which have gained momentum in recent months. The most worrying figure is the one that reflects the performance of rents in the province of Albacete in the last year, which have risen by 12.02%. According to the rental price report from the property portal, the average monthly rent for a home in the province was paid, in June, at 5.50 euros per square metre. This is one of the highest percentage increases in Castilla-La Mancha in the interannual variation, according to this portal.

If the comparison is made based on the rental prices six months ago, the trend is similar, since the increase in rents in the province of Albacete in relation to the month of December has been 5.77%. Moreover, in all the variables that this price report includes, rents have experienced an increase (in the last quarter they rose by 3.58%), with the exception of the behaviour of the last month. Rents, both in the province and in the capital, are cheaper than in May. At the provincial level, they have fallen by 1.79%, at the local level, a decrease of barely one percent is noticeable.

In June, the capital of Albacete offered an average rental price of 8.11 euros per square metre, which placed it right in the middle of the table of the capitals of Castilla-La Mancha. It was surpassed by Guadalajara and, above all, Toledo, the capital of the region with the highest monthly rents. Despite this, renting a home in June in Albacete cost 6.68% more than a year earlier, although the greatest increase has been seen in the last six months, as the half-yearly increase has been 8.10% (a 3.98% increase only if we refer to the last quarter).

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