Benidorm Fest is still going to be around for a while: greater international projection and guarantees from the new Consell

Benidorm Fest is still going to be around for a while: greater international projection and guarantees from the new Consell
Benidorm Fest is still going to be around for a while: greater international projection and guarantees from the new Consell

BENIDORM. Benidorm Fest is here to stay. The music competition broadcast by RTVE from the capital of the Costa Blanca is guaranteed to continue with the promotion of the event by the three institutions that support it: RTVE, Benidorm City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana. The city hosted the presentation of the event this Monday for another year: the 2025 edition, which will have two semi-finals on 28 and 30 January, while on 1 February they will announce the winner who will represent Spain at Eurovision. The competition also takes on an international form with the collaboration with Viña del Mar after its close relationship with Sanremo.

The event began with the signing of the agreement for the celebration of the fourth Benidorm Fest. A signature that was agreed upon by the mayor of the municipality, Toni Perezthe president of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazónand the interim president of RTVE, Conception Cascajosa. The latter was in charge of recalling the origin of the festival, mentioning the initiative of the previous president, Ximo Puigand the former director of RTVE, Jose Manuel Perez Turner and at the same time congratulating himself that his successors in his positions have supported the musical project.

“How wonderful and what a plan for the future it is that projects can begin with those who dream of them and then can be continued by the people who occupy those places,” said Cascajosa in her speech, who added that in her opinion, “this builds the country, great collective projects and allows us to move forward into the future.” In turn, she said she was proud that the contest is linked to a municipality that remembers the importance of “enjoying life,” with “another great potential that exists in the Spanish case, which is the creative music industry.”

For his part, the mayor of Benidorm drew on another acquaintance of the city, Julio Iglesias“We won’t talk about dreams, but it’s now 55 years since he won the Benidorm Festival. A strong Benidorm was needed for all this, with that song that was ‘Life goes on the same’. Well, the works remain,” said Pérez, adding: “And people, whether they are there or not, know very well that these are projects that we have to support.”

He popular He continued his speech: “We could say many things, but the fundamental thing is that we continue to support, to lend a hand, to bring Spanish music, creativity, to our artists, to those who dedicate themselves to composing great songs, to offer an opportunity, to be a pole of attraction.” Finally, the mayor pointed out that for the municipality it is a great promotional tool.

For Carlos Mazón, this is the second agreement he has signed for the organization of the festival. With the first one, he had been in office for just a month and had already expressed his support for the music contest. A bet that the PP and Vox Council have not fallen for, despite having publicly linked themselves to the previous regional Executive. “It is a day of excitement,” he began his speech, stating that he was “delighted to redouble the force.” Thus, he picked up the simile of the first mayor with Julio Iglesias’ song: “If I wanted to continue exactly where I left off, I would have to say, ‘Others who come will continue it‘And that is what we are doing, we who have come to continue it, to make it bigger, to take advantage of the foundation of those who have come before us so that life not only remains the same but continues to improve.”

Apart from this, Mazón also acknowledged the promotional work of the event, which is attracting “new tourists.” He referred to Benidorm as “that polyhedron with edges yet to be discovered.”

Viña del Mar

The international push has also been one of the highlights of the event. Cascajosa pointed out that from Benidorm, the project has an impact at a national level, but “it is already taking steps to become a global event, which in the end is the great objective that we have and which is also allowing us to connect with new audiences.” So much so, that they announced a future collaboration with the Chilean festival Viña del Mar, which will allow the artists to “cross borders.” This is not the first time they have tried this; this year a delegation from the festival travelled to Italy to look for ways to collaborate with Sanremo.

In the middle of the period of receiving proposals, the director of Communications of RTEVE, Maria Eizaguirrereviewed the projection that the festival has for the careers of the participating artists. In addition to counting on the experience of this year’s winners, In Nebulathey recalled that ‘Platinum Shines’ of Applesauce It is becoming the official song of the Euro Cup, Miss Caffeine He put the soundtrack to the Vuelta de España, and the surprise came from the hand of Marlenawhich will do the same with the Olympic Games. This, said Eizaguirre, is a way of “expanding the festival.”

The president of RTVE has surprised Nebulossa by giving them a gold record to commemorate the millions of views that the winning song of the Benidorm Fest 2024 has already accumulated, which minutes later they performed again on the stage of the Mirador de la Música.

The event was also attended by the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes; the senator Agustin Almodobar; the regional deputies Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate and Mario Villar; members of the local Corporation; participants from previous editions; a large representation of media from all over the country; as well as representatives of business and economic sectors of the city, such as the associations Hosbec, Abreca-Cobreca, Aico or Aptur, among others.

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