VIDEO: Jenni Rivera’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is destroyed

VIDEO: Jenni Rivera’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is destroyed
VIDEO: Jenni Rivera’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is destroyed

Just a few days after the star of Jenni Rivera in the Walk of Fame in Hollywoodon the morning of this Monday, July 8, fans announced that it was vandalized by being completely covered with black paint. The act generated great indignation among her followers and they shared a video on social media in which some of them can be seen trying to clean it.

Jenni Rivera’s star on the Walk of Fame vandalized

Almost 12 years after her death in a plane crash and a few days before her 55th birthday, Jenni Rivera’s star was unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 27 and the Children of the singer -Jacqie, Johnny, Chiquis, Jenicka and Michael- were in charge of dedicating emotional words to their mother along with Gloria Treviwho was one of her great friends.

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However, the family’s happiness at the recognition of the “Diva of the Banda” was overshadowed by what happened on Monday when the star was vandalized and covered in what appears to be black paint. Through social media, fans shared a video in which the star is seen completely covered and some of them try to clean it while authorities arrive at the site.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter reacts to what happened on the Walk of Fame

Through her Instagram stories, Jacqie Rivera said she was upset and regretted what happened to both her mother’s star on the Walk of Fame and Selena Quintanilla’s. She said that the success that the singer has, even after her death, is something that bothers some people. The young woman thanked the fans who were in charge of informing her about what happened and trying to clean it up.

Jacqie Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, regrets what happened to the singer’s star on the Walk of Fame. Photo: IG @jennirivera

“I was obviously upset, I was pissed off, more like, but they sent me pictures and videos of themselves, the fans, cleaning up the stars. I’m making this video to let them know that I may be upset about what they did, but I’m going to focus on the good and those fans that took the time to clean up my mom’s star, they don’t have to, but they love her so much… Thank you to those fans that took the time to clean up those two stars. Thank you for loving her so much, you touched my heart so much,” said Jacqie Rivera.

The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a recognition given to great figures from industries such as film, music and television for their impeccable career. Among the Mexicans who have one are Vicente Fernández, Antonio Aguilar, Juan Gabriel, José José, Thalía, Eugenio Derbez, Guillermo del Toro, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and Pedro Infante.

Fans clean up Jenni Rivera’s star after it was vandalized. Photo: Screenshot X @wofstargirl
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