Loreto: Ministry of Culture presents interactive exhibition of cultural assets

Loreto: Ministry of Culture presents interactive exhibition of cultural assets
Loreto: Ministry of Culture presents interactive exhibition of cultural assets

In order to promote knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage among local citizens and encourage reflection on the need to protect it, the Ministry of Culture is making available to the population of Iquitos and the inhabitants of the Loreto region, the seventh decentralized edition of the temporary presentation of repatriated cultural assets, “Wasinman Kutispa – Recovered Heritage”.

This interactive exhibition, which is being presented at the Amazon Museum, uses infographics and technological resources, such as 3D viewers, digital devices and informative videos, to show mainly the archaeological and ethnographic cultural assets from the North East region of Peru, repatriated between 2021 and 2023.

This exhibition is organized by the Directorate of Recoveries (DRE) – a unit of the General Directorate for the Defense of Cultural Heritage -, together with the Decentralized Directorate of Culture (DDC) of Loreto, and with the support of the General Office of Statistics and Information and Communication Technologies of the Mincul.

Those interested can visit the exhibition until Friday, July 12, at the DDC Loreto Amazon Museum, located at Malecón Tarapacá 382, ​​in the city of Iquitos.

Furthermore, it is carried out in compliance with one of the commitments made at the last “Inter-institutional Working Group for the protection of movable cultural heritage at risk of illicit trafficking in the Loreto region”, held in October 2021.

Protection of cultural property

On the other hand, DRE specialists met with representatives of the Vicariate of Iquitos, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Management of Loreto, the Regional Archive and the District Municipality of Punchana, in order to coordinate joint actions for the protection of movable cultural assets, which are part of our cultural heritage in the region.

They also provided training on “Actions to control illicit trafficking and basic notions of identifying movable cultural property”to personnel from the National Police of Peru, Sunat – Customs, National Port Company – Enapu, Airports of Peru, Tourism Commissioner, and the Office for the Investigation of Crimes against Cultural Heritage of the Presidency of Prosecutors of the Public Ministry.

Finally, the Ministry of Culture expresses its commitment to continue strengthening the capacities of the entities in charge of controlling the illicit trafficking of cultural goods in the regions, as well as to continue disseminating knowledge of our repatriated cultural heritage, with the ultimate goal of promoting its appreciation among more Peruvians, and of obtaining their adherence to our commitment to ensure its integrity and permanence within Peru.


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