Spain will work through the European Commission to defend the interests of pork in the dispute with China

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enterprise has expressed its commitment to continue working to defend the interests of the Spanish pork sector through the European Commission in light of the investigation launched by China.

The Secretary of State for Trade, Amparo López, met this Monday with the various associations that represent the pork sector and industry in Spain.

The Government has discussed with the sector the investigation that China has opened to review imported pork products from the European Union (EU) following the European decision to impose tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles.

In a statement, the Ministry regretted the launch of the investigation, saying that anti-dumping measures are designed to protect national production against unfair competition from a third country, but not to be used as an “instrument of pressure.”

The European Commission has pledged to continue working to defend Spanish interests, has shown its support for the sector and has advocated that Spanish companies compete on equal terms with other countries and in a balanced manner, within the framework of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The Secretary of State for Trade has also listened to the concerns of the sector and believes it is essential to maintain the path of diplomacy at the highest level.

The Government is also in favour of avoiding an escalation of tariffs and subsidies in the commercial sphere, and of the need to protect the interests of Spanish companies in international markets.

The meeting was attended by executives from the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (Anice), the Meat Business Association (Anafric), the Business Federation of Meat and Meat Industries (Fecic) and the Interprofessional Agri-Food Organization of White Coat Porcine (Interporc).

With €7.5 billion in 2023, Spain is the European Union’s leading exporter of pork products, while the EU is the world’s largest exporter of pork and pork by-products, especially to East Asia and China in particular.

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