Pullaro delivered million-dollar contributions for works in the 9 de Julio department

Pullaro delivered million-dollar contributions for works in the 9 de Julio department
Pullaro delivered million-dollar contributions for works in the 9 de Julio department

Governor Maximiliano Pullaro, together with Vice Governor Gisela Scaglia, delivered this Sunday contributions for $ 177,019,918.40 to the towns of the Department of 9 de Julio: Pozo Borrado, Tostado, Esteban Rams, Juan de Garay, Gregoria Perez de Denis; of the department Vera, in Margarita, and of the department La Capital in Llambi Campbell, for the execution of urban infrastructure works.
In this regard, Pullaro highlighted “the potential of northern Santa Fe and everything we can offer if we work together, the provincial and municipal governments, and the intermediary institutions, in a productive development program that can allow us to grow”; for which “we need road, energy and connectivity infrastructure works.”
“We understood that our province has no limits, given its capacity to generate wealth and work, and that we had to adjust political spending, organize the areas of the State and generate savings that allow us to resolve the fiscal imbalance,” said the governor.
Finally, Pullaro stated that “then, with a healthy State, we began to carry out important public works programs, such as those we are signing today, which have to do with projects financed by the government, but which are essential for the small and medium-sized towns of our province to be able to grow,” concluded the governor of Santa Fe.
For his part, Scaglia pointed out “the need to generate more job opportunities and more educational proximity in the northwest of Santa Fe” and stressed that “today we are showing that we are close, that we want to improve the quality of life, and that we are going to support them in each of the projects they have, because we want to get the economy moving and show that we are here for more. They will find an ally in us, and we are going to do everything in our power to strengthen the north of Santa Fe,” he concluded.

The contributions

First, the governor visited the town of Pozo Borrado, and gave its communal president, Javier Herrera, 9,998,867.16 pesos, for the execution of the natural stabilization and gravel works.
In addition, the mayor of Tostado, Andrés Cagliero, received two contributions, one of $9,986,340.00, for the acquisition of LED lighting, and the remaining 40 million for urban lighting.
Meanwhile, within the framework of the Minor Works Law, the communal president of Esteban Rams, José Luis Busto, received $12,587,636.97 for the acquisition of a used pick up truck.
Finally, the governor gave the president of the Juan de Garay municipality, Leonardo Vera, $11,081,016.77 for the acquisition of a truck, within the framework of the Minor Works Law.
Then, Pullaro moved to the town of Gregoria Perez de Denis, where he gave its communal president, Marcelo Furlan, a contribution of $7,418,635, for the execution of 35 blocks of curb and gravel.
The Santa Fe governor then visited Margarita and delivered a contribution of $75,947,422.50, for improvements to the public lighting system, to the communal president, Ariel Bolaño, from the Urban Works program.
Finally, in Llambi Campbell, Pullaro delivered a contribution of $10 million for the Commune’s video surveillance system.
During the tour of the towns in the north of Santa Fe, the governor was accompanied by the Minister of Government and Public Innovation, Fabián Bastia; and the senator for the 9 de Julio department, Joaquín Gramajo.

Popular Festivals

In addition, this Sunday, Governor Pullaro visited the 17th Provincial Festival of Locro, in Margarita. Then he joined the Provincial Festival of Cerdo a la Estaca de Llambi Campbell, in the department of La Capital, where he was accompanied by Minister Bastia, the communal president Mariela Chiarotti; the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Clara García and Senator Julio “Paco” Garibaldi, in addition to other communal presidents and officials of the region. Finally, the governor was at the 46th National and 48th Provincial Festival of Amarillo, in Helvecia, department of Garay.

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