Global Port awards the contract for Document Management and Electronic Administration

Global Port awards the contract for Document Management and Electronic Administration
Global Port awards the contract for Document Management and Electronic Administration

The president of the municipal company El Puerto Global, Jesús Garay, reports that an extraordinary session of the Board of Directors has been held “to make crucial decisions for the operation and future management of the entity.”

Among the points discussed and approved is the award of the contract for the maintenance and updating service of the document management and electronic administration platform to ESPUBLICO SERVICIOS PARA LA ADMINISTRACIÓN, SA; “a fundamental contract to maintain the efficiency and security of the company’s administrative and documentary processes and to support the high-capacity file management system implemented for the Urban Planning Department,” they say.
The Manager was authorized to formalize the contract for a duration of 4 years for €20,328.00 per year, thus ensuring its prompt execution and start-up.
The Statement of Provisions for Expenditure and Income for the year 2024 was also approved, ensuring sound and transparent financial planning.
The company’s 2024 spending budget is 2,571,318.52 euros. The municipal contribution, from the various services, increases by a total of 233,743.12 euros compared to the last one approved in 2022, extended to 2024.

The budget for salaries and wages is 38,046.63 euros higher than the figure for 2023. In 2024, 43 employees have been budgeted on an annual basis. The total amount of remuneration, common expenses and social security amounts to 2,337,902.91 euros.
Along with the budget, the strategic objectives and actions to be developed were approved, including the improvement of municipal electronic administration, transparency in the hourly cost of services provided, the formalization of orders, technical training, efficiency and sustainability in operation, the promotion of the Smart Tourist Destination Subcommittee, the development of Innovation projects, the launch of a Cadastral Information Point, the promotion of Geographic Information and Management Services, systematization and excellence in the management of municipal service notices and the increase in registrations in El Puerto.
It should be noted that the company manages the City Council’s digital information and communication systems, notifications and registration services, the land registry, cartography, geographic information systems, and municipal radio.

Jesús Garay wanted to highlight “the importance of the proper functioning of the municipal company for the City Council and wanted to remember that its 43 employees represent 64,714 hours of highly specialized services and work with an absenteeism rate of almost 0%, which is why he wanted to encourage workers, management, and its CEO to continue along the line of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.”

Finally, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jesús Garay, welcomed the new Director and Vice President of the municipal company, Javier Bello, who has recently joined the Board of Directors of El Puerto Global.

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