Winter operations for people in vulnerable situations are progressing

Winter operations for people in vulnerable situations are progressing
Winter operations for people in vulnerable situations are progressing

Amid the low temperatures recorded in different parts of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Community Development led by Andrés Larroque, is carrying out the Access to Rights Days for homeless people. In this framework, 103 municipalities have already been assisted with blankets and are also being given out shelter and personal hygiene kits.

This initiative promotes a series of actions driven by the provincial portfolio to care for and support homeless people. In addition to the 103 municipalities assisted with more than 63,000 blankets, there are operations carried out in recent days in San Isidro and La Plata. In addition, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, a vaccination post against influenza and COVID-19 was offered, thus facilitating access to these services for residents.

The events will continue this week in the following municipalities: on Monday 8th in Morón, on Wednesday 10th in La Matanza, on Friday 12th in Vicente López, and on Monday 15th in Lomas de Zamora. Previously, the operations were carried out in Quilmes, San Miguel and San Martín, thus guaranteeing that the entire Buenos Aires community can access these policies promoted by the ministry.

These operations are complemented by the Network of Integration Centers for homeless people that was recently launched by Minister Larroque and to which more than 820 kits have already been delivered. The network has 32 devices operating 24 hours a day in different parts of the Province and seeks to expand the reach of the Social Integration Centers (CIS) throughout the territory, in coordination with social organizations.

CIS are social-community accommodation and support facilities that operate in coordination with municipalities, social organizations, civil society and religious entities. The Network of Centers aims to group them by region, promote periodic meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences, share training opportunities and comprehensively address the complexities of this social problem.

The Ministry, in line with the priorities of the provincial government, addresses the problem of homelessness through the coordination of the State at all levels with the community, seeking to offer a response. For this reason, each CIS has technical teams and socio-community operators dedicated to supporting homeless people, promoting activities and workshops to address their needs in all their dimensions and from a perspective of restitution of rights.

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