There will be lows below zero during the early hours of July 9

There will be lows below zero during the early hours of July 9
There will be lows below zero during the early hours of July 9

Winter gives no respite. The polar wave that has been in Argentina for several days continues its icy passage through this side of the globe and there is no hat, gloves, or jacket that can stop the intense cold. Especially during the early mornings and the early hours. In that sense, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued warnings of different levels of risk for the Extreme cold in various parts of the country, but the main focus where it is in rojo They are in three provinces: the east and part of the north of the Buenos Aires provincethe north of The Pampa and the south of saint Louis.

Is there anything green on the map? Yes, there is a respite for the southern part that includes Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, after several days of cold and snow; on this Monday the SMN did not issue any alerts there. There is also a green patch for several towns in Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Río Negro. And there are also no extreme cold warnings in several towns in Misiones, Salta and Jujuy. The rest is dyed in two predominant colors: orange and yellow..

Much of La Pampa is under orange alert for extreme cold. The same is true for dozens of towns in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Other provinces where the cold will be felt are Mendoza and San Juan. The rest of the national territory is in yellow, including the City of Buenos Aires.

In Córdoba there were localities where the lowest temperature of the year was recorded: almost 10 degrees below zero. Although the capital of Córdoba recorded -5.1°C this morning, there were localities where the temperatures dropped significantly: in Río de la Cruz it was -9.6°C, and in Los Reartes -9.2°C. In Cosquín, the freezing temperature was similar: -8.3°C.

Freezing Monday: almost the entire Argentine map is on alert for the cold wave. Three provinces are in red: Buenos Aires, La Pampa and San Luis.

The cold does not stop in the City

In the City for this Monday, the SMN predicts that the sky will be somewhat cloudy and clear at night. However, the cold will not ease, with maximum temperatures that will not exceed 8 or 9 degrees. A similar panorama will be seen on Tuesday’s holiday for July 9. Although the intense cold will arrive during the early hours of Tuesday, where it is estimated that the temperature will be below zero.

The start of this second week of July is freezing. So much so that according to the SMN it will be the coldest of the year. And it covers the whole week with low to very low temperatures. Above all, the minimum temperatures will be below zero in several early mornings.

Tuesday is expected to have clear skies, but with low temperatures, similar to those of Monday. With highs of 8 degrees and lows of zero. Only on Wednesday, temperatures will increase slightly at the maximum, where it is expected that they could be around 11°C.

In the Conurbano and the Interior of the Province of Buenos Aires, the cold will be even more intense. In Ezeiza and Merlo, it is expected -2°Cin Quilmes, La Plata, Chascomus, San Fernando and San Isidro, -3°C; in Trenque Lauquen, Villegas, Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana, -4°C; y on July 9, -5°C.

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