India confirms adherence to international treaty to protect seas

India confirms adherence to international treaty to protect seas
India confirms adherence to international treaty to protect seas

The Indian government has approved the signing of the treaty, which New Delhi has called a historic decision and a significant step towards the protection and sustainable use of marine biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction, the Ministry of Earth Sciences said.

Jitendra Singh, State Secretary for the sector (independent office) stressed that it reflects India’s commitment and proactive action towards the global cause of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

On the other hand, M Ravichandran, secretary of the state entity, assured that India’s joining the international treaty will allow it to strengthen its efforts and collaborations in marine conservation.

It will also open up new avenues for scientific research and development, access to samples, sequences and information, technology transfer, among other benefits not only for the South Asian nation and for humanity, he said.

He added that India’s signing of the BBNJ agreement is another crucial step towards ensuring healthy and resilient oceans.

The BBNJ Agreement is an international treaty under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which aims to address growing concerns about the long-term protection of marine biodiversity in international waters.

It establishes precise mechanisms for the sustainable use of biological diversity through cooperation and coordination between countries, according to the UN.

Parties may not claim or exercise sovereign rights over marine resources derived from the high seas and must ensure a fair and equitable sharing of benefits.

The Convention advocates an inclusive, integrated and ecosystem-centred approach based on the precautionary principle and promotes the use of traditional knowledge and the best available science.

It helps to minimise impacts on the marine environment through area-based management tools and establishes rules for carrying out environmental impact assessments.


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