34th edition of the International Poetry Festival

34th edition of the International Poetry Festival
34th edition of the International Poetry Festival

This meeting is celebrating its 34th anniversary and this year proposes songs to raise the flame of the heart of the world, a dialogue towards shared construction in our vulnerable world, reflection on the urgent needs of our time, including the need to act to protect life on the planet.

Until July 20, the mountain capital will live this song of love to the planet with poets from 40 countries, and through 75 public activities that will take place in different spaces in Medellín, Bello, Envigado, Itagüí, Sabaneta, Caldas, Girardota, Rionegro, La Ceja, Jericó, Cisneros, San Roque and in the districts of Santa Elena, Palmitas and Altavista, there will be programming for the whole family.

National Radio spoke with Manuela Salinas, coordinator of the Medellín International Poetry Festival, about this new edition.

“During this 34th Festival, we have adopted the motto “song of love to the planet”, in continuity with decades where poetry has been a beacon. It is the search for a common song as a response to the anguish that the planet is suffering, an exploration of sensitivity and ancestry through poetry. We believe that this can make a difference in these overwhelming times,” said Manuela.

This year, the International Poetry Festival hopes to welcome poets from countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Bolivia, Cuba, Italy, Switzerland, Venezuela, among other nations, and poets from indigenous nations such as the Kichwa and Nahuatl. In addition, 95 musicians from the Medellín Music Network will take part in 10 activities that are part of the programming of this, which is one of the oldest poetry festivals in the country.

“Keep the flame of poetry alive in us and spread its influence in every dialogue, in every action, in every work and moment. Cultivate broad alliances of dialogue and constructiveness. Develop vital communication processes with poets from around the world, and strengthen the World Poetry Movement, which is a coordination of poets and poetry projects present in 130 countries. Be open to listening and dialogue with our followers and friends,” explains Manuela Salinas.

Among the novelties of the Medellin International Poetry Festival is the participation of 14 young poets who were selected from more than 500 proposals. The selected poets will come from Mexico, Chile, Argentina and different municipalities of Colombia, in a bid to promote young poetry from around the world.

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“We are honored to have 80 invited poets from 40 countries who will enrich the readings, workshops and conferences of the festival. Among them we highlight Murad Sudani, Secretary General of the General Union of Palestinian Writers, the poet and filmmaker Ladan Osman, from Somalia, the poet and musician Su Yang, from the People’s Republic of China. In addition, we will have the presence of prominent personalities such as Anarella Vélez Osejo, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Honduras, and Carlos Vásquez, renowned poet, essayist and editor from the city of Medellín, the participation of 95 musicians from the Medellín Music Network, among others,” say the organizers of the festival.

Furthermore, for Manuela, if someone today told her that they wanted to dedicate their life to poetry, she would answer: “Poetry can be considered fresh for some and strange for others. The poetic word is exploring new ways of resisting the fleeting nature imposed by digital content, using these resources simultaneously. It is advisable to be patient and search for your own voice, which implies reading a lot, listening and being critical. Along the way, it is common to meet people who crave fame or are desperate for approval of their poetry, which can be detrimental to this genuine search.”

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