Justice for girls, boys and adolescents

In our city, girls, boys and adolescents face difficult and risky situations every day. associated with crime and crime, which result in physical, psychological and material damage, with short-term effects such as physical injuries, emotional damage and economic losses, but also medium and long-term effects such as difficulties in personal relationships, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, depression, eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and a higher risk of becoming involved in criminal activities. Among the most common crimes affecting this sensitive population are theft, injuries, corruption of minors, detention and trafficking of minors and sexual crimes against this population.

In addition to this, in many cases Complaints are not made for various reasons. Some fear the retaliationothers distrust of the justice system and many simply They do not know where to go or even think that money is needed to pay a lawyer to accompany them during the process. This lack of reporting allows the delinquency continue to act without consequences and that more girls, boys and young people become victims.

Faced with this, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico Cityconsiders this population as a priority. We have the Criminal Justice Prosecutor’s Office for Adolescents that works on cases of young people who face some conflict with the law. At the same time we have the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Crimes Committed Against Girls, Boys and Adolescents, whose main objective is provide care and support To those who have been victims of crimes, it grants special and different treatment, but without losing sight of the fact that they are subjects of law and not just protection; which means that in addition to protecting them, they are listened to and given a voice and credibility to your word at all times. To do this, we have teams of highly trained professionalsincluding psychologists, social workers and lawyers specializing in crimes against minors with the aim of providing comprehensive support to each case that is presented to us, addressing not only the legal aspects, but also their emotional and social needs; In addition, we we support from other units such as the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, the Priority Affairs Prosecutor’s Office, the Family Violence Attention Units and in general from the entire infrastructure that we have in the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, this population has its own Juvenile Justice Actwhich establishes the rights and guarantees recognized in it during every process, and which includes: being considered and treated as innocent until proven responsibilitynot to be prosecuted or punished for acts or omissions that are not defined as crimes, that the law most favorable to their fundamental rights is always chosen, to have an adequate defense with the assistance of a public or private lawyer, and to meet promptly with their defender in strict confidentiality.

But our work goes beyond caring for victims. We also work in the prevention crime through educational and awareness programs aimed at young people, because we know that the best way to combat crime is by attacking its roots, and that means invest in the youth of our city. For this reason, we also promote and facilitate the connection of young people and adolescents so that they can access support programs offered by our city government. In this task, the support and participation of parents, relatives, teachers and close friends is essential, since they are the first to detect when a young person or adolescent is going through a difficult situation, and therefore, their role is essential to guide and accompany them in the process of reporting and recovery.


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You can go to this Prosecutor’s Office that works 24 hours a day, at Avenida Doctor Vértiz number 114, corner Rio de la Loza, colonia Doctores, Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office. We are committed to guaranteeing the rights of young peopleprovide them with comprehensive support as victims, and apply individualized and fair measures when dealing with acts classified as serious crimes. All of this within a framework of I respect to dignity, without discrimination and with a pedagogical approach that contributes to the full development of adolescents.

Head of the FGJ-CDMX office

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