BioShock 4 is reportedly making great strides in development

BioShock 4 is reportedly making great strides in development
BioShock 4 is reportedly making great strides in development

Bioshock 4 was announced by 2K in 2019

Bioshock is one of 2K’s star franchises

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Throughout all these years, specifically since it was announced in 2019 that the Cloud Chamber study was working on a new installment of Bioshockwe have been able to see that the news that has reached us has been rather scarce, to the point that Judas, Ken Levine’s new projecthas had more updates in all this time. In fact, from Bioshock we have been able to know more about what the players have done, such as one who has created a radio like the one seen in the video game, than about the developers themselves.

However, it seems that things are changing, since although the main focus of the franchise seems to be centered on the Netflix movie that is currently in development, the truth is that there are quite a few who have been wondering What is the status of Bioshock 4 that it took so long?. And in light of this, it seems that a member of Cloud Chamber has given a new clue that would indicate that Development is already progressing at a faster pace.

Bioshock 4 gives new clues about its development

In this case, it’s time to talk about what cinematics designer Jeff Spoonhower has published, who, as Eurogamer has pointed out, has recently updated his LinkedIn to indicate that Bioshock 4’s work pace is picking up At the same time, he said that he is looking for staff for positions such as design and art.

While this feels like a breath of fresh air in the face of the uncertainty generated by the video game, the truth is that the fact that they are hiring people could indicate that They are still in an early stage of productionalthough that is something that will be known in time. That said, it is almost better not to expect Bioshock 4 for this or next year.

Otherwise, beyond the film it is not known if there is More Bioshock projects in developmentalthough the leak that 2K is working on an unknown remake has opened the door for Bioshock to be one of the candidates. Time will tell if it ends up materializing to liven up the wait for this new installment.

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