Fentanyl and cocaine overdose

Fentanyl and cocaine overdose
Fentanyl and cocaine overdose

At the beginning of January, the tragic death of the porn actress came to light Cindy Taylorbetter known as Jesse Jane 43 years old. Her body was found next to that of her boyfriend, also deceased, Brett Hasenmueller at his home in Oklahoma by police. Hasenmueller had not been to work for several days, which set off alarm bells.

The first hypothesis of the investigators was that it was an overdose, however they were waiting for the results. autopsy results corresponding, which the American media ‘TMZ’ has been able to access in recent weeks. According to the office of the Oklahoma medical examiner, Jesse Jane, He lost his life due to an accidental overdose offentanyl and cocaine.

The exact date on which the adult film actress and her partner died is unknown, since despite being found last January 24thhad been dead for several days.

The actress, who had been retired since 2017, was born in the state of Texas, United States, and began her career in adult films with Digital Playground in 2002, where she began to be very recognized. In addition to being a porn actress, she also presented the television program ‘Night Calls‘ from Playboy TV and appeared in series such as ‘Starsky and Hutch‘ o ‘Middle Men’.

Cindy Taylor was arrested in 2020 for allegedly attacking his partner at the time, and even went to jail on charges of domestic violence.

Other events

A few weeks ago, also in the United States, it was learned that a 20-year-old student ended up with the life of his mother by strangling her, after he served her with an eviction notice demanding Search for a job and contribute to maintaining your room and other common areas of the clean houseThe young man confessed to the crime and was charged with matricide.

The trigger for the crime would have been an eviction notice in which Shanelle Burns demanded that she find a full-time job and keep her room clean, as well as the common areas of the house, within a period of 30 daysOtherwise, he would have had to leave the family home. It was then that the 20-year-old decided to attack his mother.

The American media reports that Kobold confessed to the crime when the agents arrived at the house, and even told them where they could find her. The woman was still alive, but very weak. ended up dying two days after being taken to hospital, she had marks on her neck and possible brain damage.

For his part, Conner Kobold had a history of problems with mental healthHe told the judge he had been admitted to two mental health facilities, as well as seeing multiple therapists. He pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and murder in connection with his mother’s death.

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