Russia finds key secret that sets off World War III alarm bells

Russia finds key secret that sets off World War III alarm bells
Russia finds key secret that sets off World War III alarm bells

Russian military weapons experts They have claimed to have discovered a series of Key secrets in one of the long-range missiles which caused the most damage to Russian forces during the war in Ukraine.

It is about the Storm Shadow, a weapon that the United Kingdom has supplied to Ukrainian forcesRussia has now been able to thoroughly examine these missiles thanks to the recovery of several of those that have been shot down.

This technical knowledge about the Storm Shadow missiles acquired by Russia could be very important to improve Russian defense in the face of the use of this weapon in the war in Ukraine and even in a potential Third World War.

Specifically, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti has published a video of almost two minutes in which A Russian missile expert reveals what is inside the Storm Shadow.

“This is the primary shaped charge of the Storm Shadow missile or SCALP,” the specialist said in one part of the video. “It has a capsule in the front, then the primary charge, followed immediately by the main penetrating warhead.. This is necessary for the initial penetration of the obstacle, since the missile is a bunker buster,” he explained.

In this regard, the military weapons expert explained that “A hole is made due to the cumulative effect, where the inertial warhead penetrates and produces an explosion inside.”

Thanks to this exhaustive analysis of the Storm Shadow missile, the expert has assured that Now Russia knows “the depth of penetration, the scope of the operation from the surface“That is, the target sensors that are used and at what depth this missile can penetrate.”

Consequently, “We already know how deep the shelter must be to provide protection against this type of missiles,” the specialist stressed.

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