Yopal Family Victim of Extortion in the Form of False Service.

Yopal Family Victim of Extortion in the Form of False Service.
Yopal Family Victim of Extortion in the Form of False Service.

A family from Yopal reported having been the victim of extortion in the form of false service, a criminal method that has gained strength in the region. This type of extortion, commonly carried out through telephone calls from prisons in the country, involves summoning victims to remote rural areas, where they are threatened to demand money from their relatives under the false premise of a kidnapping.

The incident in question occurred in Vereda del Picón. The victims, deceived under the pretext of a service, arrived at the agreed place. Once there, they received a phone call in which they were ordered not to move from the site, under the threat that they were being watched and that, if they tried to escape, they would be attacked.

The extortionists then pretended to be members of illegal armed groups and contacted the wife and mother of the man being held, demanding money to avoid taking his life.

The families, frightened and under pressure from threats, made a deposit into a Nequi account. However, when they realized they had been deceived, they decided not to continue with the additional payments that were being demanded of them. Fortunately, the victims managed to return home without suffering physical harm, although they were deeply shocked by the experience.

One of the victims recounted his experience in detail, explaining how upon arriving at the agreed place they were approached by someone via a phone call. They were told not to move because they were being watched and that if they did, they would be shot.

The extortionists triangulate the calls and convince their victims by giving them personal information, most likely taken from social networks, to demand money. On the other hand, they call the victims’ relatives, convincing them that they are being held hostage and that if they do not pay, they will be harmed.

All just using phone calls and a lot of psychological work.

After the first payment, the criminals demanded more money, but the family realized they were being scammed and the victims eventually realized they were being tricked and were able to return home.

This type of extortion is not the only criminal method that has increased in Yopal. Common crime has increased, with numerous cases of motorcycle and bicycle theft that are not formally reported; since criminals contact the victims, demanding large sums of money to return the vehicles. In some cases, extortions for motorcycles can reach up to two million pesos, while for high-end bicycles they can ask for up to four hundred thousand pesos.

The community of Yopal is alarmed by the growth of common crime and the affected family calls for vigilance and preventive measures. They hope that local authorities will take decisive action to combat these types of crime and guarantee the safety of all citizens.

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