New DNA samples and Carlos Pérez’s account of the moment of his disappearance

This Tuesday, July 9, marked 26 days since the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña. Almost a month later, there are several hypotheses. The last person charged was his aunt, Laudelina. As part of the investigation, They will take DNA samples from the child from Corrientes to compare them with the blood from the truck Maria Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pereztwo of those arrested. The man spoke about the last hours in which the child was seen.

Among the measures, prosecutor Mariano de Guzmán requested Analysis of the clothes seized in a raid at the 9 de Julio police station.

“We were not aware that the child was missing at that time.“For us it was a situation where they were going to meet a child who was moving and they had told them to wait for him because they wanted to confirm that he had arrived or not. Bye bye, we left,” said Carlos Pérez, one of the defendants in the case.

And he added: “Then my wife receives a Phone call from Grandma Catalina, where she tells him that they still couldn’t find the boy. There he asks them to check the truckif he had not hidden eventually, it was a prank by a boy who could have hidden the truck because it was one of the two vehicles that were in that parking lot, the only two that were there,” he said in dialogue with TN.

Loan Search: Fernando Burlando’s Warning

Loan’s family lawyer, Fernando Burlando, issued a warning after the discovery of male blood in the truck of Caillava and Pérez. He said that after the latest tests carried out on the vehicle of the couple María Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pérez, the hypothesis of the accident would be reinforced.

“We run the risk that Loan will no longer be searched for alive”he said in a televised statement, while insisting that justice should only focus on finding the 5-year-old boy.

“I still don’t rule out any theory”he added.

Source: Argentine News, TN and Clarin

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