Alec Baldwin’s murder trial begins

Nineteen months after charges were first filed against Alec Baldwin (66 years old) for the death of the director of photography Halyna Hutchinsthe case reaches its climax this week when the actor faces a criminal trial for involuntary manslaughter in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The events date back to October 2021, when Baldwin fired a firearm that was supposed to be a blank during the filming of a scene for the movie ‘Rust’. Halyna Hutchins, then 42, died during her transfer by helicopter to an Albuquerque hospital, as a result of serious injuries caused by the gunshot.

Although the prosecution dropped the charges against the interpreter in April 2023, the case was reopened at the beginning of the year on the grounds that “new facts had emerged that require further investigation and forensic analysis.”

Throughout this time, the actor has declared himself not guilty of the charges and maintains in interviews given to different media that he did not fire the weapon. He even reached an agreement with the family of the deceased by which her widower, Matthew Hutchinswith whom he had a young son, would be the executive producer of the western – which resumed filming in January 2023 and in which the same cast with which the project began is participating.


The trial for involuntary manslaughter against the actor began on Tuesday with the selection of a jury that will determine whether the death of the director of photography on the ‘Rust’ crew was his fault or not. If he is ultimately found guilty, the artist faces a sentence of up to 18 months in prison.

Baldwin insists he did not know the gun was loaded and did not pull the trigger, but prosecutors say the actor acted recklessly on the set and has repeatedly changed his version of events. “To watch Mr. Baldwin’s conduct on the set of ‘Rust’ is to witness a man who has absolutely no control over his own emotions and no concern for how his conduct affects those around him,” the prosecutor said. Kari Morrissey. For its part, Baldwin’s legal team has scored its first victory by getting the court to rule that it would not take into account his status as producer of the film, but only as actor, which affects the degree of liability. In addition, the lawyers will also try again to use the testimony of the gun safety expert Bryan Carpenterwho says it is “rare” for actors to inspect weapons after they have been previously reviewed by security experts. Opening arguments by both sides are expected on Wednesday and the trial is expected to last about 10 days.

A lawsuit that, due to the fame of the accused and the rarity of the case, has attracted worldwide attention.

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