Ramírez says that noise regulations give the City the green light to…

Ramírez says that noise regulations give the City the green light to…
Ramírez says that noise regulations give the City the green light to…

Alejandro Ramírez has come out on Tuesday in defence of the Fundación Premio Convivencia for having used a screen to watch the Euro Cup quarter-final match between Spain and Germany last Friday without requiring any permission to organise the event. The head of Public Works, Environment and Urban Services has agreed with the head of the Foundation who believed that this permission was not needed:

“I am not going to go into the legal or technical aspects, but what I do know is that the Noise Ordinance states and makes an exception, in terms of noise, that any event organised by the City that is recreational, religious, etc., which is what the Department of Culture is responsible for, with that exception, can organise that event. We have the Fair on the 5 days of August,” Ramírez has explained literally.

The councillor places his opinion outside or above the ordinances. The aforementioned exception to which he refers does not exist in the Noise Ordinance. And under this belief, it is worth asking whether all the cultural and recreational events that have been organized by the City have been done so without requiring any permission and therefore outside the law, including the Fair. Something that would be especially serious because it is the Administration itself, the same one that must pursue non-compliance, which would be skipping the obligations that it later demands from private parties.

The ordinance is absolutely clear in this regard and establishes, without exception, that any event organized on public roads must have a permit. Furthermore, Article 42.1 reads as follows:

“The City Council may authorize, for reasons of general interest or of special citizen significance or on the occasion of the organization of events with special official, cultural, religious or similar projection, the temporary modification or suspension of the maximum noise emission levels established in article 10, at the request of its organizers, and in relation to the affected areas, after assessing their acoustic impact and in accordance with the procedure indicated in the following section.”

But the truth is that for this to happen, the organisers must submit a request at least one month in advance to analyse the case and resolve it. Something that seems evident has not happened in the case of last Friday, given that neither the Fundación Premio Convivencia, nor the Councillor himself, the person most responsible for everything related to noise, according to the First Final Provision of the ordinance itself, consider it necessary.

Given what we have seen, today any resident of the Marina who hates, detests or suffers the Fair would only have to go to the City Registry to seriously jeopardize the celebration of the Fair, given what we have seen.

In any case, Ramírez has not entrenched himself in the exceptionality or not, contemplated or, rather, not contemplated in the Ordinance and has explained that the only thing that the Fundación Premio Convivencia did was to extend the celebration of the event that it had already scheduled for that Friday of the 7 Soles 7 Luas Festival, a long tradition in the Ceutí cultural summer and that this year was held in the Plaza de la Estación Ferrocarril, whose work already contemplated all the necessary elements for the organization of these events. The Foundation only played with the schedules and added a giant screen to be able to also program the match and not reduce attendance at the festival due to football.

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