Surveillance kits are being prepared –

Surveillance kits are being prepared –
Surveillance kits are being prepared –

The security kits that were to be delivered to the settlers are still pending. Work is being done with the Directorate of Social Development. There would be 123 of them and they are part of the “Vecino vigilante” program.

For the moment, Ernesto García Caratachea, head of the Secretariat for Social Strengthening of León, said that sound alarms have been delivered, which are accompanied by a surveillance camera.

“We have 123 of these, and we are already in the installation process, we are at 82% as of Thursday. Today we are already expecting 85% of installation with an investment of approximately 1 million 899 thousand 530 pesos,” he said.

These will be to the video surveillance network of the Computing, Command, Communications and Control Center, C4.

The total number of colonies benefiting from this equipment is 116. These colonies were chosen through citizen listening, with committees of settlers, people and citizens who are close to the mini sports facilities and green spaces.

“Always trying to address, yes, the incidence (of crime) but also citizen participation, because neighbors come and say that only the incidence criterion is used, but others want to participate as well so that the camera can see the side where there is a school, a mini sports center, to have that possibility,” he said.

The municipal president, Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos, indicated that the first thing they are looking for is to install these 123 kits and eventually it will be determined if it is necessary to increase the delivery to more colonies.

“What we want is for people to take ownership of them and, depending on the success, we will be buying more. What we always do is pilot tests, and as soon as they work, we will begin to multiply them,” said the mayor.

As for the booths, he said that 32 are being rehabilitated, and 19 are being delivered this week, which were acquired with the support of “León Gracias,” he said.

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