Learn to imitate the Basque accent, our hallmark

Learn to imitate the Basque accent, our hallmark
Learn to imitate the Basque accent, our hallmark

He Vasco town It is a source of numerous curiosities. The most characteristic are, among many others, the Basqueits history, its gastronomy, its traditions or its customs. One of them is related to his way of talkingas many people suggest that the Basques have a particular accent that sets them apart from the rest.

And it is that, due to the influence of the Basque languagetogether with its geographical location, has made us Basques differentiated for our way of expressing ourselves, whether by typical expressions or wordss of our land.

The perfect accent

Therefore, and to use it correctly a good Basque accentthe tiktoker and content creator Amaia Amunarriz (@amaiamunarriz) explains how to do it in one of his videos.

“I’m going to teach you in Five simple steps how to imitate the Basque accent well and I’m going to put it to you a phrase “So you can see how things change,” the young woman begins. “I went to the market, bought a fish, cooked it and it turned out so delicious”he says, as an example.

“Tip number one, we don’t say ‘ado’…’I bought’, ‘fish’…No,” he points out.The Basques say ‘au’: “I bought fish”. Another tip from the tiktoker is add a ‘well‘ at the “beginning of the sentence, in the middle or at the end.”

“Number three, the R, emphasize the R…There, with desire”As a fourth recommendation, Amaia points out that we must include a ‘is father’ o un’ it’s jan’ .

And the young woman’s last advice is that There is no need to speak in a flat manner: “Make lots of alterations, give it emphasis”. By following these instructions strictly, you can now perfectly imitate a Basque.

Learning more about the accent

The Basque accent has certain Distinctive features that differentiate it from others. Apart from those already mentioned, here are some aspects to keep in mind about this custom,

Pronunciation of some consonants

The Basques tend to pronounce the “s”, “r”, “ll” and “y” more clearlyunlike other regions where it can be milder.


The intonation of the Basque accent can sound flatter or more monotonous compared to other dialects of Spanish, which can give the impression that the speaker is being more serious or formal.

Image of Korrika 2024, one of the best-known events in defense of the Basque language IKER AZURMENDI

Influence of Basque

The Spanish spoken by Basque people can incorporate words and grammatical structures from BasqueThis may include the use of loanwords and changes in word order.

Clear articulation

Basque speakers usually articulate more clearly and preciselyespecially the consonantswhich can give a feeling of greater clarity in speech.

However, it should be noted that These indications are very different depending on the region.That is to say, the accent used in rural areas is not the same as that heard in more urban areas. And the same occurs in each province or region.

Endless curiosities

Leaving aside the striking accent, the truth is that we Basques are source of countless curiosities that attract attention around the world.

Unique language

He Basque It is one of the oldest languages ​​in Europe and is not related to any other known language. Its origin is a mystery and has survived despite not being linked to the Indo-European languages.

‘People’s sports’

Los Basque rural sportsknown as ‘herri kirolak’, are an essential part of their culture. Among them stands out the ax wielderswhere competitors chop wooden logs with axes. Other sports include lifting stonesox races and tug-of-war.

Holidays and traditions

Las Basque festivals are full of Music, dance and ancestral traditionsThe Tamborrada in Donostia and the Semana Grande in Bilbao are some of the most important events.

Image of a Dantzari Eguna celebrated a few years ago Jose Sampedro

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