Traditional culture covered in ceramics

Traditional culture covered in ceramics
Traditional culture covered in ceramics

The ADC-Tierras de Talavera association has taken a further step in its Territorial Promotion project ‘Tus tierras en murales’, an initiative that aims, in addition to the territorial promotion of the regions of Talavera, Sierra de San Vicente and La Jara, to enhance the cultural, traditional and popular heritage of the region.

This project, as already announced The Tribuneconsists of the creation of 43 ceramic murals that will be installed in all rural municipalities and EATIMS in the territory managed by ADC-Tierras de Talavera, which will become “an excellent tourist product that promotes and enhances the area.”

The ceramic murals will be made by 14 ceramists from the region, using the traditional method of creating ceramics from Talavera de la Reina and Puente del Arzobispo as UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

Each of the murals will reflect and highlight the cultural heritage selected by each of the rural municipalities or EATIMS, focusing on the following themes: traditions and trades, beliefs, festive rituals and other ceremonies, performances, traditional games and sports, and traditional gastronomic preparations, among others.

Thus, each municipality will select from among its customs, festivals, trades or crafts, an image or idea to develop in the mural. In this sense, it is intended that the murals, which will have dimensions of 2.40 meters long by 1.35 meters high, composed of 144 ceramic tiles of 15×15 centimeters and with a frame in ferrous oxide, develop different themes so that the project as a whole is an open-air expression of the plural idiosyncrasy of the territory.

The objectives will be twofold: to raise awareness among the population of the importance of traditional and popular culture as an element of cultural identity and, at the same time, to convert this project into a quality tourism product that promotes the area to interested visitors and the general population with the added value of artistic ceramics with the UNESCO distinction.

A total of 14 ceramists will be in charge of developing this project. The signing of the final award of the lots corresponding to the supply contract for the project ‘Tus tierras en murales’ has recently taken place at the facilities of ADC-Tierras de Talavera, and with the signature of the president of the Association, Víctor Eduardo Elvira Rodríguez.

This project is 100% funded by Leader funds (77.48% FEADER funds and 22.52% Junta de Castilla La Mancha) for the period 14-22, charged to the 3rd allocation within area 1 in the Territorial Promotion section of measure 19.2.

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