This new technology cools processors to temperatures lower than those in outer space

This new technology cools processors to temperatures lower than those in outer space
This new technology cools processors to temperatures lower than those in outer space

A research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a 2D quantum cooling system that is capable of reducing temperatures to 100 millikelvins by converting heat into electrical voltage. To give you an idea, This is a lower temperature than that of outer space.

The reason they wanted to achieve this is that quantum bits (qubits) are sensitive to heat and must be cooled to less than 1K, so Very low temperatures are crucial in quantum computing.

“If you think about a laptop in a cold office, the computer will still heat up as it operates, causing the temperature of the room to increase as well. In quantum computing systems, There is currently no mechanism to prevent this heat from disturbing the qubits.,” explains Gabriele Pasquale, a LANES PhD student, Tom’s Hardware.

This innovative 2D cooling system is already amazing in itself for its ability to cool up to 100K, but what makes it even more incredible is It does so with the same efficiency as current cooling technologies that operate at room temperature..

“We are the first to create a device that matches the conversion efficiency of current technologies, but operates at the low magnetic fields and ultra-low temperatures required for quantum systems. This work is truly a step forward,” says Pasquale.

The device operates using the Nernst effect, a thermomagnetic phenomenon where an electric field is generated in a conductor that has both a magnetic field and two different temperatures on either side of the material.

What’s striking is how it’s constructed: it’s only a few atoms thick, making the new material behave like a two-dimensional object, and the combination of graphene and the thin 2D structure allowed it to achieve highly efficient performance.

In addition, the 2D quantum cooling system is made of easily manufacturable electronics, which can make it much easier to be added to computers quantum mechanics in other laboratories that require such low temperatures.

“These findings represent a major breakthrough in nanotechnology and have the potential to develop advanced cooling technologies essential for quantum computing at millikelvin temperatures. We believe this achievement could revolutionize cooling systems for future technologies,” adds Pasquale.

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