Holidays abroad? The 3 banks that offer free cash withdrawals from ATMs

Holidays abroad? The 3 banks that offer free cash withdrawals from ATMs
Holidays abroad? The 3 banks that offer free cash withdrawals from ATMs

Banks are taking advantage of the start of the summer holidays to go after the most frequent travellers. In the last week, ING, Evo Bank and Kutxabank have announced promotions and offers for those who are going to travel abroad during the summer. Some entities opt for refunds, that is, returning part of the money for purchases made in a currency other than the euro. And others, for offering free cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Kutxabank has been the last to jump on the bandwagon and announced this Tuesday that will discount 3% of purchases with cards that its youngest customers make in currencies other than the euro, between July 1 and September 15, 2024. The entity indicates that young people aged 18 to 30, holders of Korner cards and debit or dual stickers, who accumulate purchases for a maximum of 1,000 euros at the exchange rate, will be able to benefit from the refunds. These customers will receive the refund automatically, without the need to register in advance.

This promotion is added the total elimination of commissions that Kutxabank applied at the beginning of the year to more than 1 million users, and which allows them to enjoy free maintenance of Visa Dual accounts and cards, he explains.

Just a few days ago, Evo Banco, part of the Bankinter group, also launched its welcome plan for young clients between 18 and 24 years old who decide to travel around the world this summer. The bank also will automatically return 3% of all purchases carried out in any country or in electronic commerce in non-euro currency. This aid plan There is no limit on operations or amountsand is applicable to both physical and online purchases, as long as they are made in a currency other than the euro.

Evo customers spent more than 5 million on purchases abroad last year

In this regard, Evo Banco highlights that in 2023 its youngest clients carried out a total of 180,000 transactions in 150 non-euro currency countries for an amount of 5.2 million euros. Of these transactions, 20% were carried out in the United States. For this reason, Evo will complete its 3% cashback plan with additional discounts on purchases made with VISA cards at more than 140 brands and 10,000 stores.

In addition to the return plan, which will be available until September 30th of this yearEvo Youth Account customers have free services such as sending foreign currency to their home at the most competitive price on the market (this is their Evo Travel Cash service), Two cash withdrawals per month at any ATM in the world without Evo charging any commissionphysical and digital cards with flexibility and reinforced cybersecurity, or travel insurance, among other benefits.

ING has also launched its own ‘Travel Plan’. This is a new service that aims to make it easier for its Payroll Account and No-Account customers to make payments with cards and use debit cards in foreign currency without fees when travelling. From this July, customers of the orange bank who travel abroad will be able to Pay in physical stores or withdraw cash in foreign currency without currency exchange fees up to 500 eurosinside or outside the European Union.

In addition, the service also includes up to two debit withdrawals at any ATM outside the EU without commissions, They explained in a statement. They also point out that the bank’s clients will be able to activate their ‘Travel Plan’ on any of the bank’s digital channels. To do so, they must indicate the dates and destination of the trip, and from the moment of activation they will be able to enjoy the service for the selected dates.

For Payroll Account customers, activation is free, while for NoCuenta Account customers, activation of each service is free. It will cost 3 euros for every 30-day period.

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