Omoda and Jaecoo choose Allianz Partners for their roadside assistance service

Omoda and Jaecoo choose Allianz Partners for their roadside assistance service
Omoda and Jaecoo choose Allianz Partners for their roadside assistance service

Allianz Partners y Omoda and Jaecoo They have signed an agreement whereby the insurance and assistance company will provide the Roadside assistance for vehicles from both Chinese manufacturers. This alliance coincides with the Arrival of Omoda and Jaecoo to the Spanish market and its commitment to export vehicles focused on comfort, technology and cutting-edge technology, both companies report.

With this agreement, these entities seal their commitment to excellence and quality in customer service. The main objective is that drivers of Omoda and Jaecoo vehicles “obtain the best assistance service, with specialized attention that ensures the best possible solution is offered at all times thanks to the proximity and accessibility that characterizes the network of professionals that form part of Allianz Partners,” they declare.

As detailed in the announcement, the alliance is also committed to digital and innovative solutions, as well as sustainable ones, as they seek to offer alternatives in roadside assistance that help minimize the negative impact on the environment. “This commitment seeks to contribute to that fewer greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmospheresomething fundamental in the Sustainability Strategy of both parties,” they specify. In this way, Allianz Partners and Omoda and Jaecoo affirm, “they share the objective of promoting sustainable mobility that is respectful of the environment and people.”

Since his official arrival in Spain, a few months ago, Omoda and Jaecoo have established their headquarters in Madrid and they have been counting on partners in each of its business areas. Its official network of Sales and after-sales already has 55 locations throughout the national territory of the 70 planned in this first phase, and is supported by a Own spare parts warehouse in Guadalajara. In addition, Omoda and Jaecoo announce that they will begin to produce “very soon some of their vehicles in the Free Trade Zone of Barcelona».

Borja DiazManaging Director Iberia of Allianz Partners and CEO of Allianz Partners Spain, points out that “the arrival of Chery Group to Spain is undoubtedly a relevant movement for the mobility sector. The emergence of a new manufacturer will help further boost the private vehicle market with new formats. Allianz Partners has reached an agreement with Omoda and Jaecoo in this new venture to provide the best service to its customers in roadside assistance. Our network of professionals is ready to assist Omoda and Jaecoo drivers in the most difficult moments through innovative solutions and always with speed, proximity and quality, to guarantee peace of mind, safety and protection.”

For its part, Darren TuCountry Manager of Omoda and Jaecoo in Spain, comments that “our customers must feel that their Omoda and Jaecoo provide them with a satisfactory experience at all times, from the moment they purchase it at our dealerships until they reach any destination, whether near or far. And that can only be achieved if their vehicle, in addition to being attractive, safe and of quality, has the best after-sales service and roadside assistance that covers all their needs. That is why we have chosen a leading company in the sector such as Allianz Partners, to guarantee that driving any of our cars, whatever happens on the road, is always a pleasure, right up to the last kilometre.”

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