Four dead in a fierce fire in a building in the heart of Córdoba: two were students

Four dead in a fierce fire in a building in the heart of Córdoba: two were students
Four dead in a fierce fire in a building in the heart of Córdoba: two were students

High drama scenes were experienced during the early hours of this Tuesday in the center of Córdoba: A voracious fire broke out due to some lit candles on the second floor of a building on Caseros Street and the fire spread to other apartments. There is confirmation of Four deaths, including two young students, and several injured due to intoxication, they were transferred to nearby hospitals. 40 people were evacuated.

Screams, despair, fire and thick smoke were the dominant images of a very tense morning, where at least three fire brigade teams had to work to put out the flames. The Duar and the 107 emergency service also had to participate, working tirelessly.

The call “fireplace fire”was fatal. The toxic smoke spread over several floors and one of the victims tried to escape by the stairs, but as a result of inhaling the smoke, she collapsed. She would later become one of the four deaths in the horrendous episode.

The other three died in their apartments: on the 3rd, 4th and 6th floors. Although their identities had not yet been identified, they are two men and two other women. They were students who had arrived from the interior of the province. Their ages ranged from 19 to 25 25 and 35 years old.

Chaos broke out around 4.40am in the Veracruz building, in Tower 2. A six-story rear building located at Caseros 39, behind the UNC Faculty of Lawin the centre of the capital of Cordoba.

Flames on one of the apartments. Photo: screenshot

Official sources confirmed that The fire started in 2°D, owned by a 67-year-old woman.who miraculously did not turn out to be one of the victims. Silvana Scarpino, assistant prosecutor, told The voice that some lit candles would have caused the incident. The voracity of the flames was so great that in a handful of seconds, it spread towards 3°E.

The situation quickly became dramatic. Several of the people who were in the building were sleeping and inhaled the carbon monoxide released by the fire. Several of them They ran to the terrace trying to escape from the flames and the cloud of toxic smoke that was there.

Police and firefighters had to force open doors to enter several apartments to rescue people and try to put out the flames. Dramatic.

Firefighters arrived during the early hours of the morning to put out the fire. Photo: La Voz

“I thought it was a nightmare”

“I heard screams from an older woman and I went out into the hallway, it was all smoke. I wanted to help her but the fire wouldn’t let me move forward. I thought it was a nightmare“said Tadeo, a Brazilian citizen who lives in that complex.

“The lady on the second floor was screaming for help. And the fire was spreading everywhere. It was horrendous. I managed to call the police and within minutes everything was chaos,” she said in a conversation with The twelve.

“There are four deceased adults: two men and two women. The Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Police will try to determine the cause of the fire,” he told Radio Mitre Cordoba Security Minister Juan Pablo Quinteros added: “We don’t yet know what started the fire. However, the chimney effect caused by the flames caused carbon monoxide to enter all rooms.”

Sergio Cravero, a member of the Fire Department, was seen to be in great distress.We couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t save them. “When we arrived, they were already unconscious and had no vital signs. We tried to give them CPR but nothing could be done. It was unfortunate,” he said.

July 9 events suspended

The disaster and the impact were so great in Córdoba that the events that were organized for this July 9th were suspended.

The news was confirmed by Mayor Daniel Passerini, who said that the event scheduled for San Martín Square in Córdoba, which was to take place on Tuesday morning, was suspended due to the tragedy.

Police sources revealed that this is the worst accident suffered in the capital of Córdoba in recent years. With last night’s accident, There are now 10 deaths due to tragic fires in the last two months in the province.

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