The Junta presents the strategy “Castilla y León, community of entrepreneurs” endowed with 50 million euros

The Junta presents the strategy “Castilla y León, community of entrepreneurs” endowed with 50 million euros
The Junta presents the strategy “Castilla y León, community of entrepreneurs” endowed with 50 million euros

The Junta de Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICECYL) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has today presented to all the agents involved in the development of entrepreneurship the seal ‘Castilla y León Community of Entrepreneurs’, which aims to position Castilla y León as a benchmark in entrepreneurship at a national level; create a comprehensive program of support for entrepreneurship that includes advice, training, placement, aid and financing; and guarantee that any entrepreneur has the same opportunities and support to develop their business, regardless of where they are located.

These objectives will be developed through three lines of activity:

1. Strengthen Wolaria as a premium brand for technological entrepreneurship (‘startups’) in Castilla y León

The startup accelerator Wolaria, the first public accelerator in Spain, has developed 24 editions in 12 years of existence that have allowed it to promote the development of 282 innovative projects in the Community. This has allowed it to position itself as the second best advanced accelerator in Spain in the Funcas ranking in 2023, the 13th European Accelerator 2024 and the best positioned Spanish accelerator according to the Financial Times Ranking.

2. Create a map of vertical accelerators in Castilla y León, focused on the strategic sectors of our Community and where all provinces are represented.

Following the success of Wolaria, its methodology is being promoted by working on two lines: specialization by sector through the creation of vertical accelerators, and geographic expansion, encouraging these vertical accelerators to reach the 9 provinces.

Vertical accelerators will operate in a network, sharing the same methodology, based on open innovation challenges.

The map of accelerators establishes a specialization by province:

  • The Ávila accelerator will develop emerging projects in the fields of culture and heritage;
  • Burgos will promote green energy projects;
  • Leon, aerospace;
  • Palencia, agri-food projects;
  • Salamanca will focus on the biotechnology field;
  • Segovia, in emerging tourism projects;
  • Soria, in natural resource development projects;
  • Valladolid, emerging in the field of sport;
  • Zamora, in the care economy.

3. Implement the ‘Castilla y León Community of Entrepreneurs’ seal

This is an instrument aimed at entrepreneurship in all sectors, as a guarantee of quality in support services for entrepreneurs, without forgetting the measures that guarantee that entrepreneurship in rural areas can be carried out under identical conditions to those in urban environments.

This seal will be the symbol of a comprehensive and quality support service for entrepreneurship, thus guaranteeing that any entrepreneur in Castilla y León who goes to an Administration or entity adhering to the seal will receive services that meet the minimum quality standards previously established.

In order to be eligible for this seal, it is essential to have an entrepreneurship support program, have your own staff for information or entrepreneurship support services, and have facilities offered to entrepreneurs, under the formula of incubators or coworking spaces with a minimum of basic services.

The meeting chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, was attended by representatives of the Regional Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FREMP), the Council of Chambers of Commerce, the Economic and Social Council, the CEOE, the University of Valladolid Foundation, the Salamanca City Council, the Air Institute, the universities of Burgos, León and Salamanca, the Caja Burgos Foundation, La Caixa, Sodical and Empresa Familiar Castilla y León, among other representatives.

ICECYL Benefits

The Institute for Business Competitiveness will also offer all the entities that join a series of services and benefits that include support in specialized training, in topics such as cybersecurity, electronic commerce and invoicing, digital marketing and also in mentoring entrepreneurs; it will facilitate financing instruments, which ICECYL offers to entrepreneurs through its Financial Platform; and it will offer information on infrastructures to support entrepreneurs and participation in the open innovation challenges promoted by ICECYL through its vertical accelerators.

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