Teenager left in vegetative state after failed jump off UK pier

Teenager left in vegetative state after failed jump off UK pier
Teenager left in vegetative state after failed jump off UK pier

Jack Dolan was left in a vegetative state after a failed jump from a pier. (David Dolan/Facebook)

A young man from 15 yearscalled Jack Dolanwas left in vegetative state After trying to impress his friends by jumping off a pier in Margate, Kent, United Kingdomon June 23. The teenager fell face first into the water, suffering severe brain damage that has left his family devastated, as detailed by the Daily Mail.

Jack Dolanwho dreamed of being marine realwas performing a somersault from the dock when he miscalculated and landed face-first in the water. The strong impact left him unconscious and submerged underwater for almost eight minutes until a kayaker rescued him. During that time, he suffered cardiac arrest, which further aggravated his condition. Doctors at the Hospital King’s College from London determined that Jack has suffered “irreparable brain damage.”

Sue mother, Lisaand his stepfather, Dave Nolanhave been raising funds to be able to move into a home that will allow them to properly care for Jack in his final days.He is receiving palliative careand although his body is fine, his brain is dead. He can’t go to a children’s hospice because there you have to be close to death,” Dave said in an interview for the MailOnline.

Jack Dolan’s family is raising funds for home palliative care. (David Dolan/Facebook)

The fatal accident occurred while Jack was on the beach for the first time without the supervision of his parents. According to his stepfather, Jack had made such movements on other occasions, most recently during a family holiday in Egypt. However, the height of the pier in Margate, between three and four metres, was an unconsidered and determining factor in the accident.

That was the first time we left itbecause he always used to be with us because I had ADHD and was prone to acting without thinking“Dave explained. At the time of the accident, Jack was accompanied by four or five friends and his girlfriend. The actions of his companions immediately after the accident were key, as one of them called 999 while his girlfriend contacted Jack’s mother.

Since his admission to the hospital, Jack’s condition has not improved. “He is alive, but It’s like I’m not there. He was my best friend. We can’t explain how cruel this all is,” his stepfather said. A picture released by the family shows Jack’s last moment half an hour before the accident, smiling as he walked to the train station. Margate with a friend.

Jack, 15, suffered cardiac arrest and irreversible brain damage in Margate. (David Dolan/Facebook)

Heartbreaking hospital footage shows Jack bedridden, unable to move, speak or laugh. “We can’t be angry with him. I know he was laughing, I can really see him doing it, smiling and showing it off completely. The last thing he would have known is to be happy.“, said his mother Lisa.

Jack, who was rescued by the kayaker, was treated by paramedics at the scene before being flown by air ambulance to King’s College Hospital. MRI scans confirmed severe and irreversible brain damage. “Experts don’t know how long he will be alive – it could be weeks or years,” his stepfather shared.

The family, including Jack’s younger sisters, Faith ten years old and Grace Eight-year-old Jack and his family are currently living in a council home and hope to soon move to a home that better suits Jack’s needs. “We are devastated. It’s disgusting. It’s our worst nightmare,” said Dave Dolan.

Friends of Jack called 999 after the accident on Margate beach. (David Dolan/Facebook)

The tragedy has sparked an outpouring of support in the community, with many contributing to fundraising efforts to help the family cover moving costs and necessary care. Jack’s mother has shared her grief and the deep sadness she feels at seeing her son in the state he is in. “I’ve done it so many times before that there’s no guilt at all”he added. The family hopes to spend their remaining time with Jack in the most dignified way possible.

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