A new anniversary is being celebrated since the last time the weather phenomenon occurred in the AMBA

On July 9, 2007, snow fell in several areas of the province of Buenos Aires. This was the only climatic event of its kind in the last 106 years.


Exactly ago 17 yearsthe Buenos aires city experienced a meteorological phenomenon that still remains in the memory of its inhabitants: a snowfall. July 9, 2007the inhabitants of Buenos Aires witnessed an unusual event for the Argentine capital, a city known for its temperate and humid climate.

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According to him National Metereological Servicethe snowfall began in Pergamino, Venado Tuerto and Junín, then spreading to different towns in the province of Buenos Aires, until reaching Greater Buenos Aires, and finally the City. The snowfall lasted for about ten hours, extending even into the early hours of July 10when the city woke up under a gleaming white blanket on the streets.

Beyond the capital and several other towns in the province of Buenos Aires, snowfall was recorded that day in the south of Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Luis, the north of Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca.

That national celebration was very special due to this surprising event. Despite the cold, people went out into the streets to collect unique moments: entire families playing with the snow in the squares, snowmen were built on the sidewalks, and snowball fights became a common activity in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. The emblematic Obelisco was wrapped in a polar climatecollecting unique postcards of that climatic event.

snow buenos aires.jpg

On July 9, 2007, the necessary weather conditions were met for snow to fall in the City of Buenos Aires and several towns in the province.


Anyway, The 2007 snowfall was an extremely rare event for Buenos Aires. The last time a snowfall of such magnitude had been recorded in the city It was in 1918; so for most citizens it was the first time they had witnessed something like this. This meteorological phenomenon is rare due to the geographical location of the city and its predominantly temperate climate.

Can it snow in Buenos Aires?

This Tuesday, July 9, dawned with a temperature of -2° in CABA, but for it to fall snow in the citycharacterized by its temperate and humid climate, Several atypical weather conditions must be combinedFirst, a mass of very cold polar air must enter from the south, lowering temperatures to unusually low levels for the region, close to or below 0°C.

In addition, there must be sufficient humidity into the atmosphere to form precipitation. The interaction between cold air at altitude and humidity causes snow to form instead of rain. These conditions are exceptional in Buenos Aires, which is why snowfall is extremely rare in the city.

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