The horror trilogy that Martin Scorsese loves and Paul Schrader hates

Martin Scorsese has joined the extensive list of directors and artists who have shown his enthusiasm for Ti West’s horror trilogymade up of X, Pearl y MaXXXineand starring the scream queen Mia Goth. The last film in this triptych landed in the US these days and will do so in Spain on August 23, so Scorsese decided to take advantage of the opportunity to praise it.

Director of One of ours He was so taken with the last title of the trilogy that he even decided to send a note to The New York Times to praise the work of Ti West.

The trilogy X represents a different kind of terrorrelated to different periods of American cinema. The first, Xis the slasher era of the 70s; Pearl It is a 1950s melodrama in bright, saturated colors; MaXXXine It’s the Hollywood of the 80s, stale and desperate. There are three linked stories set in three different moments of film culture, which reflect a culture in general“, says the New Yorker.

In this way, Scorsese wants to make clear his love for this trilogy that he points out as “something bold and completely cinematic.” An opinion that also adds to the recent praise from other personalities such as Stephen King, who called it “great”, while the first reviews even claim that it is a gore version of Once upon a time in Hollywoodby Quentin Tarantino.

Paul Schrader Criticizes ‘MaXXXine’

Despite the comparisons, the director himself MaXXXine He pointed this out as a mixture between Terminator and the toughest cinema of Paul Schrader. What I didn’t expect was that Schrader himself would express your opinion on this film, and not exactly for the better.

Director of American Gigolo y The priest has revealed that Ti West is an “enigma” to him. “He’s a very good and imaginative director, why does he stay in the slasher subgenre with its many inherent limitations?”he noted to the chagrin of many, while expressing his full agreement with the criticism previously shared by Owen Gleiberman, a journalist from Varietywho directly said that one should not “reconfigure garbage and put their brilliant ideas in an A-rated movie.”

Schrader’s words did not sit well with many, but it did not end there.It’s not so much horror as exploitation cinema. Terror can be modulated. Each person must make his own decisions: this is art, this is valuable, this is rubbish. I don’t understand why telling the truth is so transgressive: SLASHER EXPLOITATION IS TRASH“, he concluded, remaining quite calm.

It is no wonder that Many will point directly at Schraderthe man behind the direction of the prequel The Exorcist: The Beginning – The Forbidden Versionthat movie from the horror franchise that many hope to forget from their minds.

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