La Isla 2024: Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada have a heated argument and fans take their stance

La Isla 2024: Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada have a heated argument and fans take their stance
La Isla 2024: Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada have a heated argument and fans take their stance

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Christian Estrada and Jorge Losa They had a strong discussion during the transmission of Greece and Türkiye Island 2024, where they said everything to each other and that their rivalry is not only about competition but also about personal issues. Do you want to know what they said? We’ll tell you here!

Since the premiere of the new edition of La Isla was announced, there has been speculation about the reunion between Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada; both actors and former partners of the actress and host Ferka Quiroz, who were involved in various controversies after ending their relationship with the famous woman, being accused of leaving her in debt. Now, being face to face, they have not stopped declaring war on each other and doing everything to show who is right.

What happened between Christian Estrada and Jorge Losa?

Let’s remember that, shortly after Ferka ended her relationship with the father of her son, Christian Estrada, she began a romance with the Spaniard Jorge Losa, who at the time supported the singer to continue with her projects and stay on top of her stage as a first-time mother. However, after almost two years of dating, the romance between Ferka and Losa also ended, due to a possible infidelity on the part of the actor.

Although neither of them was on good terms with the host, during their participation in La Isla they have faced each other due to the different statements they have made against each other, but in the program on July 8, they spoke about the host and “declared war on each other.”

This was the encounter between Jorge and Christian

It turns out that, during his position in the trial, Estrada gave two votes to the Spaniard and assured that it was for personal reasons:

It’s something personalI opened the doors of my home to this person, you ate at my table, you carried my son, I did consider you my friend, and these two points mean nothing, but it is a message that I am coming for you, motherfucker”the actor mentioned.

This did not end there, as Losa lashed out against the actor:

You never opened the doors of your house to me. We shared as colleagues. The truth is that I fell in love with a great woman and I feel very proud of her. I fell in love and I will do it again many more times.”Jorge replied.

As expected, fans were quick to express their position on the situation, as the majority agreed with Jorge Losa.

“The best is and will be my Jorge Losa, he is an incredible gentleman”, “Proud of Jorge Losa”, “Christian only said you are a little man and a coward, he had no arguments Jorge finished him off, he should thank me for that”are some of the comments that can be read on social networks.

Although the host has shown that she remains attentive to the broadcasts of La Isla 2024 and usually takes to her social networks to show her position, although on this occasion Ferka has not commented on the controversy between her ex-partners.

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