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K-pop group Stray Kids’ radio show is now available on Apple Music

K-pop group Stray Kids’ radio show is now available on Apple Music
K-pop group Stray Kids’ radio show is now available on Apple Music

If you’re a K-Pop fan, you can’t miss an exclusive Apple program about the band Stray Kids

All About Stray Kids Radio de Apple Music

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Stray Kidsone of the musical groups of the moment as far as K-Pop is concerned, just launched a radio show which can be heard on both Apple Podcasts and Apple Music via Apple Music 1. Two of the main members, Bang Chan and Felix, They tell in their first episode which lasts 59 minutes details about their upcoming mini album titled ATE.

K-Pop fan, All About Stray Kids Radio is waiting for you

The aforementioned album will be released on July 19. While waiting for the date, This is the perfect opportunity to find out additional details about the band members.Here you can hear all about them including their favorite music, their favorite games and ideas they have about their own band.

According to Billboard, the concept of their mini-album is to reflect “something they haven’t done before.” It’s a different side of Stray Kids, according to Bang Chan. Some facts about the music they currently listen to include some hits from the past such as “Complicated” de Avril Lavigne, “New Divide” de Linkin Park and a different touch with “Wake Me Up!” de Avicii.

All About Stray Kids Released

Yesterday the first episode was released, later will be released every Tuesday. To be able to You can listen to them live through Apple Music 1will be available on Apple Music after the broadcast. Just 1 hour after the broadcast, it will be available to listen to on Apple Podcasts for users who do not have Apple Music.

It is a great opportunity to delve into the world of one of the K-Pop groups of the moment.and to discover how the band’s creative process works and how their personal tastes influence each of the things they develop on a daily basis. As a fact, Felix’s favorite Stray Kids song is called DOMINO. You can discover this and much more in All About Stray Kids.

These kinds of exclusives make us think about the reasons why Apple Music is better than Spotify. And remember that you can listen to Apple Music for free for several months, as there are many active promotions. You can also subscribe to one of Apple Music’s plans from just €5.99 per month with its student plan, there are also options for €10.99 for the individual plan, €16.99 for the family plan that can be shared by up to 6 people or with Apple One, which includes many services from the apple company.

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