One Million Checkboxes, another addictive website that serves no purpose

One Million Checkboxes, another addictive website that serves no purpose
One Million Checkboxes, another addictive website that serves no purpose

The Internet is full of useful proposals that you can take advantage of to inform yourself, entertain yourself or simply to pass the time. However, there are also many other websites that really serve no purpose but have something special that causes users to use them compulsively.

This is the case of One Million Checkboxesa website that has been attracting the attention of thousands of Internet users in recent weeks with a truly simple approach. The title of the website – which translated into Spanish would be “A million boxes” – already explains what the proposal is about.

It is a website created by Nolen Royalty, known as eieio on the Internet, which displays a million small boxes that users can check and uncheck at will. Nothing more. The website updates in real time, so it is possible to see how the boxes are activated and deactivated at high speed, since thousands of people around the world are “wasting their time” clicking on them without receiving anything in return.

If you go to the website, you will see that, especially on the first screen, there is a lot of activity. If you scroll down, you will see hundreds of boxes checked or unchecked, although fewer users are scrolling down to click. Most of them stay on those first few lines.

The website also features a real-time scoreboard that indicates the number of boxes that are currently checked. The number is constantly updated and usually exceeds half of the total number of boxes checked out of a million.

It also indicates how many boxes the user has checked and unchecked. And there is a function in the lower right corner of the screen that allows you to indicate the number of the box you want to check or uncheck – one in a million.

That’s it, there’s nothing more mysterious about this website, where you won’t get a score, nor can you beat your record or anything like that. You just click and uncheck boxes, as if it were a big online quiz, but without questions or answers.

According to its creator, more than half a million people waste a few seconds of their time every day on this activity and up to 42,000 clicks per minute have been recorded. Now that you’ve read about it, do you fancy trying it?

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