Drake, world music star, bet 300 thousand dollars that Canada will beat the Argentine team

Drake, world music star, bet 300 thousand dollars that Canada will beat the Argentine team
Drake, world music star, bet 300 thousand dollars that Canada will beat the Argentine team

Hours after the Argentina’s national team will play one of the Copa America semi-finals against Canadathe famous Canadian singer and producer Drake He bet 300 thousand dollars that his country will win and leave the Albicelestes out. “This could get Messi wrote on his social networks in a play on words: replaced messywhich means “mess” or “complication” in English, after the last name of the national team captain. “This could get complicated,” he said, in a translation into Spanish.

The artist himself revealed the bet in a story on his Instagram account. There you can see a screenshot of the sum he paid in favour of his Canadian team. If his wish comes true, the singer will win $2,880,000 because a Canadian victory pays 9.60 times the amount bet on the betting site..

A world figure bet 300 thousand dollars that Canada will beat Lionel Messi’s team – Credits: @@champagnepapi

Drake’s bet comes at a time when Canada’s coach, Jesse Marchconsidered an advantage“that his team played its first match against the Argentine national team in Atlanta. “Now we know the quality and level at which they play. That benefits us more than it benefits them,” the coach highlighted.

In a press conference, the American coach of Canada shared his feelings ahead of Tuesday’s match in New Jersey. “We are calm, stable. We know what we want to achieve,” he stressed.

As he had done on previous occasions, he placed special emphasis on neutralising Lionel Messi on the pitch.“We didn’t do well in the first game. He was able to break away from the mark many times, he got to the goal,” He added: “The focus of our defence and our ability to mark him will be decisive. We have to limit his space. We don’t want him to be able to run freely and reach the goal. We have some plans in mind.”

The match corresponding to the semifinals of the 2024 Copa América, which takes place this Tuesday in New Jersey, United States, can be seen live on television through TyC Sports, Telefe, Public TV y DSports as well as streaming through the platforms TyC Sports Play, MiTelefe, Cont.ar and DGO. For their part, those who have Flow or Telecentro Play can tune into any of the channels directly through the cable operator (in all cases an active subscription is required). In addition, there is the possibility of following minute by minute with statistics updated in real time at canchallena.com.

Ahead of Tuesday’s match, Scaloni plans to move some pieces around in order to improve the performance shown against Ecuador. In midfield, Rodrigo De Paul and Alexis Mac Allister have a guaranteed place, but the latter’s position will depend on whether the third midfielder is Leandro Paredes, Enzo Fernandez or Giovanni Lo Celso. As the Chelsea midfielder is not at his full physical level and the Roma midfielder, who had a great season, showed that he is in good form, it is likely that he will be placed in the centre and, thus, Mac Allister would play as left midfielder. If the coaching staff includes Fernández or Lo Celso -who participated in one of the training sessions in that position-, the Liverpool man will be the 5.

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