How much does systems engineering cost at UNAD, where James Rodríguez studied?

Many have wondered if, in addition to football, the athlete James Rodríguez
He has another kind of talent. The Colombian has also had time to study a professional career.

This is a degree in systems engineering, which he studied at the National Open and Distance University, Unad. This educational institution is public and has extensive experience in distance education.

How much does a systems engineering degree cost at UNAD?

The cost of the systems engineering degree at UNAD varies depending on the number of credits to enroll in. However, in general terms, it is estimated that the tuition fee will reach 3,066,000 pesos without discounts. However, the institution offers financing options such as scholarships or educational loans.

Why did James Rodríguez decide to study systems engineering?

It has been learned that player James Rodríguez decided to study systems engineering for his interest in expanding his knowledge and exploring new areas, in addition to the soccer.

The footballer also chose UNAD because of the ease with which he could take his courses remotely. He did so when he was playing for Bayern Munich and After his return to Real Madrid and his work for Everton and the Qatar League, it is unknown if the Colombian completed his studies.

The truth is that it is no secret to anyone the affinity that the footballer feels with audiovisual platforms. like Twitch and YouTube, which he uses in his free time.

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