Motorcycles with seat belts? CFMoto patents concept

Motorcycles with seat belts? CFMoto patents concept
Motorcycles with seat belts? CFMoto patents concept

Safety is one of the main concerns of motorcycle manufacturers when designing new models, and over the years, solutions have multiplied to make riding on two wheels safer and safer. However, there is little that can be done to prevent the rider from being thrown off course. Or at least, that is what it seems.

According to CycleWorld, CFMoto has filed a patent for a seatbelt concept on a motorcycle, illustrated through the 1250TR-G model. Over the years, there have been few attempts to come up with or implement this type of solution, since, considering that a motorcycle doesn’t have a structure around the occupants like a car, the idea is to get out to a safe place as quickly as possible.

The Chinese manufacturer’s concept keeps the rider safe only in certain specific circumstances, with the bike absorbing the energy of frontal impacts against rigid objects. The rider is not thrown by bumps or hard braking, but is free to easily eject in the event of a crash or side impact.

And to do this, CFMoto proposes several solutions in this patent. One of them is through a pair of rigid bars on each side of the driver, between the fuel tank and the part immediately behind the seat. They have the “open” or “closed” positions, and a small lateral force will be enough to open them.

Then there is another concept of side bars, which rotate behind the rider and attach to the front of the rider. A second joint allows the bars to be opened to allow the rider to enter or exit the bike. On the other hand, the third proposal is a more conventional seat belt, made of a fabric-like material. The rear part is mounted on a post inserted in a slot between the rider and passenger seats. A spring mechanism keeps the belt in place during frontal collisions, but allows for quick release in the event of a side impact.

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