72 million more than in 2023 for the province

72 million more than in 2023 for the province
72 million more than in 2023 for the province

The deputy in Congress and general secretary of the PSOE of Almería, Juan Antonio Lorenzo Cazorla, has announced that the Government of Pedro Sánchez will transfer this year to the province 72 million euros more than in 2023 “as a result of the economic success that our country is experiencing and which allows us to increase, in an extraordinary way, the financing of the Provincial Council and the local councils after seeing an increase in the share they receive from State Taxes,” he said.

In a meeting he held in Serón with mayors of the province, Lorenzo Cazorla explained that “thanks to those Extra resources that Almería will receive”, the financing in the province as a whole through this means goes from 316.7 million euros in 2023 to 389 million in 2024. Specifically, he indicated, the Provincial Council will receive 152.3 million euros, which is almost 28 million euros more than in 2023.

Likewise, the socialist leader has stressed that the Ministry of Finance will pay 70 million euros into the coffers of the City Council of the capital in 2024, which is 13.2 million more than last year. In the case of Roquetas de Mar, the council will receive almost 32.2 million by virtue of an extra transfer of 6 million and that of El Ejido will increase its financing to 30 million euros, which is 5.7 million more than in 2023. In the rest of the municipalities of Almería, the extraordinary contribution will be 19.3 million euros for a total amount of 104.4 million.

For Juan Antonio Lorenzo, these revenues represent an “enormous stimulus” so that measures can be implemented that “improve the urban public serviceshousing problems are addressed or initiatives are financed to stop depopulation, as we are going to demand from the Provincial Council from today,” he said.

According to the leader of the Almeria socialists, “the robust health” of the Spanish economy, “which has experienced sustained growth over time in recent years,” has allowed the improvement of tax collection and, in this way, “investments can continue to be promoted in 2024 with 22.85% more available resources” from the financing system. “Without a doubt, it is a setback for the gang of doomsayers of the Popular Party of Feijóo and Moreno Bonilla, but extraordinary news for the entire province from which all the people of Almería will benefit,” he indicated.

At this point, he recalled that “the positive decisions that have been taken not only in the labour market, with record employment and contributor figures, but also in everything related to containing inflation, through measures such as the increase in pensions, the reduction of VAT on energy or essential foodstuffs, have allowed us to allocate much more money to local administrations without raising taxes”.

The socialist deputy has pointed out that these “extra” amounts to be received correspond both to the advance of the liquidation of the Complementary Financing Fund and the transfer of state taxes in favor of the municipalities and the Provincial Council, as well as the liquidation corresponding to the municipalities included in the general regime or variable model.

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