National Budget: Council of State analyzes demand

National Budget: Council of State analyzes demand
National Budget: Council of State analyzes demand

The court admitted the lawsuit that was filed by former minister Wilson Ruiz.

The Council of State has accepted for consideration a claim seeking to have the decree on the General Budget of the Nation declared null and void, as the plaintiff alleges that alleged irregularities were recorded.

The plaintiff is former minister Wilson Ruiz, who claims that The decree grants powers to the National Planning Department to issue concepts that allow modifications to expense allocations.

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“It grants the National Planning Department the power to issue a favorable prior opinion when modifications and/or distributions are presented in the investment expenditure budget. In other words, the challenged provision is aimed at conditioning the way in which the investment budget is used.”the document says.

The former official of the Iván Duque government highlights that this situation is apparently irregular, Well, there are already regulations on the use of these there would be no need to issue a decree allowing DNP decisions.

The investment budget programming has already been carried out with Law 2342 of December 15, 2023and the regulatory tool used for its respective regulation was Decree 2295 of 2024, which in its text did not include the jurisdiction created and attributed to the DNP,” the lawsuit adds.

Furthermore, Ruiz states that There would be entities that would be affected in the management of resources, Well, they would depend on what Planning decides in order to execute the established public policies.

“They would be subject to the concept of the National Planning Department, in terms of the management of investment resources, which through their execution allow the materialization of programs, which ultimately are the tool to deploy the established public policies,” concluded the former minister.

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The Council of State admitted the claim to study the arguments of the plaintiff and make a final decision regarding the validity of the national budget decree.

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