Man found dead on the Montería road – Planeta Rica

Man found dead on the Montería road – Planeta Rica
Man found dead on the Montería road – Planeta Rica

The rural area of ​​Montería has been shaken by two homicides in less than 24 hours, causing deep concern among residents and prompting an immediate alert among local authorities. The most recent incident took place this morning at kilometer 36 of the Montería-Planeta Rica highway, near La Loma La Leopoldina, where the body of a man was found with at least three bullet wounds.

This discovery is in addition to the body found on Monday, July 8 in La Apartada del Congo, on the road to Tierralta, also in the rural area of ​​Montería. In both cases, the victims showed signs of violence, which has generated fear among the inhabitants of these areas.

Police have launched investigations to clarify the circumstances of both murders and find those responsible. So far, the identity of none of the victims has been revealed.

Local authorities have stepped up patrols and security measures in the rural area of ​​Montería, seeking to reassure the community and prevent future acts of violence. Citizens hope that investigations will soon yield results and that concrete actions will be taken to ensure security in the region.

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