Exhibition “What’s inside doesn’t lie” opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Exhibition “What’s inside doesn’t lie” opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Exhibition “What’s inside doesn’t lie” opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The exhibition by artist Jaime Belkind-Gerson is an intimate and reflective journey through the human condition.

The Morelos Museum of Contemporary Art Juan Soriano (MMAC) dressed up for the inauguration of the exhibition “Lo de adentro no miente” by Jaime Belkind-Gerson, an event headed by Julieta Goldzweig Cornejo, head of the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture (STyC), who highlighted the uniqueness of the artist and his work.

In her speech, Julieta Goldzweig highlighted the uniqueness of this exhibition, which offers a visual and emotional journey towards the exploration of the deep connection between the physical and the spiritual, since each piece is a window to the complexity and fragility of the human body, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own existence and beauty.

“Today we have the honor of inaugurating the exhibition of a truly unique and extraordinary artist, our beloved Dr. Jaime Belkind-Gerson, an atypical creator whose profession as a doctor, specifically a pediatric gastroenterologist and neuroscience researcher, permeates every stroke and every work he presents to us,” said the official.

Regarding his work, Jaime Belkind-Gerson considered it an honor to have the opportunity to exhibit his creations at the MMAC, and to be able to call on people to reflect on the importance of the human body, its existence and perfection, especially that of children, whose organism reflects the perfection of life itself.

For his part, Erasto Medina Porcayo, head of the Juan Soriano Morelos Museum of Contemporary Art Trust, thanked the doctor for sharing his vision and talent, and invited the public to immerse themselves in this unique and moving experience, which leads the viewer to look beyond the visible and find, in art, a reflection of our own humanity.

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