Lockheed Martin to develop AI tools for DARPA

Lockheed Martin to develop AI tools for DARPA

Yesterday, July 8, the American company Lockheed Martin received a new contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to begin developing Artificial Intelligence tools for air missions. The contract is configured as an investment of 4.6 million dollars, which is part of the Artificial Intelligence Reinforcements (AIR) program that the aforementioned agency is currently developing.

The primary goal of the work to be undertaken by Lockheed Martin is to provide state-of-the-art, real-time AI-assisted mission modeling and simulation capabilities. The tools that emerge from this process must be able to assist pilots even in operations with a large number of aircraft and other land or naval assets in the mission area, while also having a range beyond the operator’s line of sight. The project is expected to take 18 months to complete.

Regarding DARPA’s AIR program, Lockheed Martin’s official statement states that it is a work carried out in conjunction with the Department of Defense, which provides detailed reports of the air missions carried out by American pilots. These documents would later be “learned” in detail by the AI, which would be responsible for creating highly precise simulations in terms of the capabilities presented by enemy systems, achieving this by generating aircraft models, radar systems and electronic warfare, among other issues.

In the words of Gaylia Campbell, who serves as vice president of Engineering and Technology in Lockheed Martin’s missile division, the work to be done is justified in that: “In complex air missions, our customers need access to advanced technologies that connect critical systems quickly across all domains. The DARPA AIR program will use cutting-edge scientific machine learning technology and Lockheed Martin’s ARISE infrastructure to provide unprecedented amounts of data that service members can use to make faster, better-informed decisions..”

And he concludes, opening the doors for other subsequent AI developments, as follows: “This will provide significant cost-saving opportunities for the Department of Defense and serve as the foundation for future AI-powered defense solutions, ensuring the United States and its allies maintain their competitive advantage no matter the circumstances..”

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